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Philips Launches 9000 Series Smart LED 3DTVs

Royal Philips Electronics announced its new 9000 series Smart LED TVs that feature active 3D technology (3D Max).

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Philips’ new 9000 series Smart LED TV offers the best full HD 3D cinematic experience

Barcelona, Spain – Breaking the TV mold once again, Philips has launched a new high-performance TV that provides the ultimate in cinema-style immersion – in Full HD 3D. This year’s Philips 9000 series Smart LED TV builds upon its award-winning predecessors with precision engineering and cutting-edge audio-visual technology that deepens contrast, sharpens detail, and smoothly tracks the fastest action. Its 3D Max technology can process two billion pixels per second to ensure perfect clarity and sharpness. The 9000 series has the fastest response time on the market, and can create the blackest blacks and brightest whites. For the maximum immersive experience, Ambilight virtually expands the screen in three directions, drawing you even further into the action.

The best in 3D – 3D Max
With 3D movies conquering the big screen and with 3D content now available across a wide range of media platforms, consumers are eager to bring the experience into their own homes. That’s why the 9000 series comes with an integrated, high-powered 3D transmitter and everything you need to immerse yourself in 3D Max. With its gorgeous, full HD resolution, 180-degree viewing angle and minimal crosstalk, 3D Max is the best of the best in 3D entertainment. Using Active 3D technology and the latest-generation high-speed display, it ensures that premium 3D movie releases are displayed in stunningly realistic full HD 3D.

And Philips is pushing the boundaries of even this unrivalled experience. 3D Max now offers even better picture quality: with Perfect Natural Motion, processing power has doubled to two billion pixels per second – ensuring razor-sharp and perfectly fluent motion in 3D as well. In addition, with new advances in 3D Super Resolution, you’ll experience even more brightness, contrast and detail. Working with Bright Pro technology that further enhances picture clarity, 3D Max delivers the ultimate 3D experience in the home. What’s more, it isn’t an experience you have to keep to yourself. The integrated 3D Max transmitter communicates with any number of 3D Max glasses, so you can now watch a 3D movie with all your friends.

2D to 3D
This year, Philips is introducing real-time 2D to 3D conversion across its range of 3D Max TVs. This means that your entire movie collection – even old black-and-white classics – can seamlessly jump from the screen. Philips uses sophisticated software to deliver the best high-quality conversion available. It ensures that subtitles are shown at a constant depth and that there are no errors such as parts of the background appearing in the foreground. 3D depth adjustment controls also enable you to customize the level of your 3D experience, so you can choose the image depth that suits the on-screen content or your personal preference.

Picture quality is paramount
• To raise picture quality to the highest standards, the 9000 series LED TVs include Perfect Natural Motion. With enough processing power to render two billion pixels per second, they ensure that 3D action sequences are perfectly sharp, eliminating halos and motion judder in fast-moving content from both broadcast and pre-recorded material. The result is crisp and clear images that flow naturally between frames.

• Because picture quality also rests on resolution, 3D Max’s 3D Super Resolution delivers the next step in contrast and sharpness on all 3D sources. It carefully analyses the color balance of each frame, rendering a sharper level of clarity and detail.

• For the best picture quality and sharpness, the Philips 9000 series features the 2010 Perfect Pixel HD Engine. It combines a processing power of two billion pixels per second with a Full HD display, resulting in clean and razor-sharp images whatever you may be watching.

• The 9000 series also comes with Full HD LED Pro, which consumes 40% less energy than LCD screens, and can render 2,250 trillion colors for more vivid images and more natural skin tones. Its intelligent Direct LED backlighting with 2D dimming ensures that black is truly black, while white is radiantly bright. When combined with the power of the Perfect Pixel HD Engine, the result is stunning picture quality with vivid color, superior contrast and natural detail.

• For perfect clarity and motion sharpness, the 9000 series has a 400Hz Clear LCD screen. With an unbeatable 0.5 millisecond response time, it is the fastest LCD screen in the world. It delivers super sharp, smooth-flowing images – even when the action reaches fever pitch.

An enhanced, immersive experience
This year the cinematic experience of the Philips 9000 series is intensified even further with Ambilight Spectra XL. Ambilight Spectra XL has a double row of LEDs, surpassing the power of Ambilight Spectra 3 – available in previous and in current 32”and 37” 9000 series models – and creating an Ambilight that literally comes alive. Ambilight identifies dominant colors onscreen and projects perfectly matched ambient lighting onto the wall behind – immersing you even further into the action. Adaptive Ambilight automatically ensures a flawless effect, independent of light conditions and no matter what the color of your home décor may be. Philips is unique in the market in offering Ambilight combined with 3D capabilities.

The Philips Soundstage: feel the sound
When it comes to immersion, sound is just as important as the images on the screen. That’s why the 9000 series comes with the amazing 40W soundstage, producing sound of far more dynamism and power than anything heard on flat TVs now available. The sleek 2-in-1 stand houses an advanced speaker system two full range high power speakers. It combines deep, warm bass with excellent clarity and spaciousness. When the 2-in-1 stand is used as a wallmount, you can continue to enjoy an equally excellent sound experience thanks to advanced processing corrections. All of this is further enhanced by Clear Sound technology, which ensures you’ll never miss a word.

Staying connected
With one of the most comprehensive smart TV packages available, this year’s 9000 series TV is a superconnected media portal that hooks you up with online content; stream music, photos and videos from your tablet, smart phone or laptop; and store programs and movies on your hard drive on demand. Built on the four pillars of SimplyShare, Control, Net TV and Program, Philips’ Smart TV provides easy access to a rich gallery of online apps. These will connect you to virtual movie rental stores for instant movie-nights, enable you to share your experiences with family and friends via Facebook (available soon) or Twitter, let you control your TV using your smart phone or tablet, and help you manage your content as you see fit.

Full-screen gaming for two
In 2D mode, the Philips 9000 series displays standard dual-player games on a split-screen: player one gets the top half, and player two gets the bottom half. But when you activate this mode with 3D Max and put on your Philips 3D glasses, each player simultaneously sees his or her view expand to fill the entire TV screen – truly the next level in the home gaming experience.

Winning combination
For the ultimate performance from your award-winning 9000 series, we recommend combining it with the Philips 360 ImmersiveSound home theatre system.

Product features:
• Less than 40mm thick with even further improved picture and sound quality

• Ambilight Spectra XL, a new Ambilight for more immersion (40″ and above)

• Full HD TV and Perfect Pixel HD Engine for unrivalled clarity

• LED Pro for extreme contrast and brilliance (LED for 32″ and 37″)

• Superb motion sharpness: 400Hz Clear LCD, 0.5ms (200Hz for 32″)

• Perfect Natural Motion for ultra-smooth 3D movies (not in 32″)

• Integrated Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity

• 3D Super Resolution resulting in ideal picture enhancement for sources of any quality

• 40W RMS Soundstage producing sound with more dynamism and power

• Net TV with Wi-Fi for popular online apps on your TV

• Online Premium video stores and TV shows on demand

• Wi-Fi MediaConnect to play all PC media files wirelessly on your TV

• SimplyShare to browse PC, smart devices and Home network content

• Smart USB recording: interrupt your favorite program without missing a moment.

About Royal Philips Electronics
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