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Pioneer Rolls Out 63 and 74 Minute CD-R Discs

Pioneer New Media Technologies announced it now offers blank 63 minute (500MB) and 74 minute (650MB) CD-R discs.

Unedited press release follows:


LONG BEACH, Calif., April 11, 1995 — Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., makers of the industry’s first quadspeed CD-ROM readers and multidisc changers, has announced its Initial CD-Recordable disc product offerings. The company is expanding its product line to include two CD-R discs with capacities of 550 and 650 MB of data. The discs are capable of supporting quadspeed and faster recorders and readers.

“By offering media for its storage subsystems, Pioneer is affirming its long-term commitment to CD-ROM and CD-R technology,” said Mark Stevens, marketing director for Pioneer. “Users of our new desktop CD Recorder and our 500-disc jukebox can purchase media with the same confidence they have in our hardware.”

The CDM-V63 disc provides a capacity of 550 MB or 63 minutes of recording time; the CDM-V74, 650 MB or 74 minutes. Manufactured by Pioneer Video Corp., the discs are composed of a polycarbonate base, a gold die recording layer, and a UV plastic protective layer. The reflection ratio on the discs exceeds 65 percent. The discs can be played up to 1 million times.

The Pioneer CD-R discs will ship by the end of April 1995. The 550 MB disc will have a list price of $13.95; the 650 MB disc, $14.95. The discs will be available from the Pioneer resellers and system integrators that offer and support the company’s CD recorders.

The Multimedia and Mass Storage Division of Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. is an innovator of world-class laser optical technologies. The company’s products include CD-ROM drives, changers, and jukeboxes; laser disc players; optical drives; media; software; controllers; and accessories for a wide range of storage and multimedia solutions in the educational, government, industrial, and general business markets. For more information, contact Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. at 2265 East 220th Street, Long Beach, CA 90810; phone 800-444-OPTI (6784) for product information.

See Pioneer at AIIM 1995, Booth #1040, South Pavilion, Moscone Center, San Francisco.