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Pioneer Unveils BDP-LX54 and BDP-430 Blu-ray 3D Players

Pioneer UK announced two new network streaming Blu-ray 3D players, the BDP-LX54 and BDP-430.

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Unedited press release follows:

New 3D, network streaming Blu-ray players: BDP-LX54, BDP-430

Two new 3D Blu-ray Disc players that combine 3D playback capabilities with advanced networking features and exceptional sonic performance.

The BDP-430 and BDP-LX54 feature playback support for the new 3D Blu-ray Discs that bring an exciting new dimension to movies when connected to a 3D-capable display via HDMI.

The perfect complements to our latest 3D capable AV receivers, these new Blu-ray Disc players are equipped with the latest technologies to set the standard in state-of-the-art audio and video reproduction. They are the perfect enhancement to the most sophisticated HD home cinemas.

Pioneer BDP-LX54

3D playback
As 3D technology is introduced to the mass marketplace, the new Blu-ray Disc players feature full 3D Blu-ray Disc playback for an amazing, life-like action experience on a 3D-capable display.

An HDMI output using the latest HDMI (version 1.4a with 3D) specification offers high definition connectivity for consumers seeking compatibility with the most demanding HD audio and 3D video formats.

Content and networking opportunities
Both new Blu-ray Disc players provide straightforward connectivity to a local network and the internet, opening up new content and networking opportunities. In addition to an Ethernet port for regular wired integration, BDP-LX54 and BDP-430 can easily connect to a wireless home network via an optional Pioneer wireless LAN adapter.

Both devices can unlock additional movie-related content from the web with BD-Live. Through the familiar user interface of the player, you will also be able to enjoy YouTube videos and playback of audio, video and photo content stored on a compatible network PC or media server.

You can control the BDP-LX54 and BDP-430 with a free app that transforms your mobile device into a remote control. When the Blu-ray Disc players are connected to an existing wireless router (via Ethernet or Wireless LAN), Pioneer’s iControlAV app allows wireless control of playback and navigation functions. In addition, the iControlAV app integrates advanced and original control for many of Pioneer’s recently announced AV receivers: SC-LX83, SC-LX73, VSX-LX53, VSX-2020, VSX-1020 and VSX-920. View a video demonstration of the app.

Support for MKV, DivX HD, WMV and MP3 playback, plus a JPEG viewer for photo slideshows make the BDP-LX54 and BDP-430 flexible content companions, regardless of the source medium – be it CD, DVD, USB or LAN.

Refined sonic performance
Able to play a broad range of audio and video disc types, the BDP-LX54 and BDP-430 deliver the most advanced multi-channel audio experience.

The latest high-definition audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are supported, which both models can either output as native bitstream or decode internally and output as uncompressed multi-channel LPCM on HDMI to give Blu-ray Disc movies a compelling soundtrack.

The latest evolution of the company’s proprietary Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) in both Blu-ray Disc players ensures jitterless transmission of uncompressed 2-channel or multi-channel LPCM and now also bitstream audio over HDMI to compatible Pioneer AV receivers. With PQLS, a compliant Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player and AV receiver smartly synchronise both components’ digital clocks for optimal digital audio playback.

With its extraordinarily solid build quality and the use of selected high-quality audio parts, the top-of-the-range BDP-LX54 ensures a powerful yet refined sonic Blu-ray experience. Constructed according to the ‘Armoured Chassis Concept’, the chassis of the BDP-LX54 is strengthened with a layered chassis armour and drive stabiliser which help to reduce vibration, contributing to impressive sonic performance. Gold-plated terminals, ice blue illumination and a hair-line front panel finish further add to the Blu-ray Disc player’s premium feel.

True-to-life picture quality
Our new Blu-ray Disc players are capable of showing movies with great richness and detail thanks to their ability to play Blu-ray Discs in 1080p full high-definition at a smooth, cinema-like 24 frames per second (fps), and upconvert standard DVDs to near HD quality. Taking advantage of HDMI connectivity, they provide pure, natural images that deliver the full emotional impact of Blu-ray Disc films as the director intended.

Pioneer BDP-430
+ Requires firmware update BDP-LX54 BDP-430
Profile Blu-ray 3D / BD-Live* Blu-ray 3D / BD-Live*
HDMI Deep Colour 36-bit 36-bit
x.v.Colour Yes Yes
HD Audio Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio Essential – Decoding and bitstream out (HDMI) Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio Essential – Decoding and bitstream out (HDMI)
PQLS on HDMI PQLS Multi Surround (Bitstream/LPCM) PQLS Multi Surround (Bitstream/LPCM)
Internet content Yes YouTube video YouTube video
Network streaming** Yes Audio / Video / Photo Audio / Video / Photo
HDMI (v.1.4a with 3D) out 1 (gold plated) 1
USB front / rear 1 /1 1 /1
Ethernet 1 1
SPDIF out Optical Optical
Analogue audio out 2-channel 2-channel
Skip Search/Replay Yes Yes
Wireless LAN ready Yes Yes (optional Pioneer USB dongle Yes (optional Pioneer USB dongle
Firmware update CD / USB / Internet CD / USB / Internet
iControlAV app Yes Yes Yes
High grade audio parts Yes
Armoured Chassis concept Yes
Finish Hairline Glossy black

* * BD-Live requires adding local USB memory.
* ** From a compatible network PC or media server. Playback of DRM protected commercial content requiring DTCP-IP link protection is not supported.
* + The features/functions marked require applying firmware updates scheduled for release shortly after the actual introduction of the players.