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Pizza Hut Franchisee to Deploy EntertainmentXpress Kiosks

Public Media Works, Inc. announced that EntertainmentXpress has entered into an agreement with Pizza Hut franchisee Aurora Huts LLC of Mars, Pennsylvania.

According to the statement, the agreement with the Aurora Huts LLC, which operates 155 Pizza Hut locations, marks the first Pizza Hut franchisee contract with EntertainmentXpress whose business model is built around the fast-growing digital distribution network that provides a convenient way for consumers to buy or rent movies, games and other entertainment media through kiosks located in quick-serve food locations, grocery stores and other high-traffic, public venues.

“We are looking forward to partnering with EntertainmentXpress bringing their unique DVD kiosk rental and entertainment platforms into our operations, further differentiating us from all of our competitors,” stated Pizza Hut franchisee Mike Buss, COO, of Aurora Huts. Pizza Hut is part of Yum! Brands Inc.

“A new trend and pattern of consumer behavior in targeted entertainment distribution is emerging as the population changes its media-buying behavior allowing retailers such as Pizza Hut to provide real-estate for kiosk locations in order to maintain and increase their own sales,” commented EntertainmentXpress CEO Garrett Cecchini. “Our core business model is to provide demographically targeted digital entertainment and adverting solutions intended to create sales lift for our retail partners. We believe that Aurora Huts is at the innovative leading edge which makes them a perfect development partner.”

“We believe we can bring Pizza Hut the exclusive advantage of integrating with their POS, phone and web ordering systems to deliver ‘pizza and a movie’ to homes, the office or a hotel. This could represent a huge marketing and sales advantage to Pizza Hut while differentiating them from current competitors,” suggested Imran Sayeed, Vice President of Client Services for EntertainmentXpress. “We believe that this initial agreement with Aurora Huts LLC represents a great beginning to expanding our relationships with other multi-unit, owner operators within the Pizza Hut Franchise Division and in the multitude of other major brand, quick serve restaurants.”

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