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Polycarbonate Additive Enables Biodegradable DVDs

Bio-Tec Environmental LLC announced the release of its EcoPure biodegradable additive for polycarbonate plastic applications requiring totally transparent materials.

According to the statement, in preliminary testing, EcoPure-treated polycarbonate passes visual and optical specifications for eyewear and DVD applications. Bio-Tec has begun production of the EcoPure PC grade of its biodegradable additive.

Samuel Adams, Senior VP of Bio-Tec, states, “This is a major step forward in the environmental industry; EcoPure PC additive opens up a whole new collection of industries that now can be stepping forward into the green wave.” Bio-Tec released its biodegradable G2 formulation for clear PET in June of last year and continues to expand the EcoPure product capabilities into a wide range of resins.

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