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Popeye’s Franchisees Sign With EntertainmentXpress

Public Media Works, Inc. announced that EntertainmentXpress has entered into separate agreements with five Popeye’s restaurant franchisees that together operate 74 of the highest volume Popeye’s stores in the greater Houston area.

According to the statement, the agreement marks the first Popeye’s franchisee contracts with EntertainmentXpress whose business model is built around the fast-growing digital distribution network that provides a convenient way for consumers to buy or rent movies, games and other entertainment media through kiosks located in quick-serve food locations, grocery stores and other high-traffic, public venues.

The Chairman and CEO of EntertainmentXpress, Garrett Cecchini, expressed his enthusiasm with their new Popeye’s partnerships. “I am delighted that Popeye’s is now joining us along with Pizza Hut, as we continue to pursue partnerships with major quick serve restaurant brands. This represents another strong testimonial from major brand franchisees who believe, as we do, that EntertainmentXpress can support their business strategies and marketing goals to get new customers, retain customers and to create sales lift. It is a powerful partnership,” commented Cecchini.

Salil Keswani, one of the five Popeye’s franchisees who signed on, told the company that he strongly believes in what EntertainmentXpress has to offer and is committed to support the concept for other Popeye’s franchisees. Salil Keswani is Chairman of Popeye’s Development Committee and a board member of Popeye’s International Franchise Association.

Other Popeye’s Restaurant franchisees in the greater Houston area who have signed with EntertainmentXpress include Broford Inc. owned by Harry Stafford, outgoing Chairman of Popeye’s International Franchise Association (PIFA), current Board member of the association, and the head of the Marketing Committee; Cardinal Southwest, owned by Charles Boyd and Alvin Rucker who are committee members on PIFA’s Tech and R&D committees; Houston Fast Food, owned by Miller and Family; GRM Operations, owned by Greg Hobbs, DMA president and PIFA committee member; and Continental Superior Management, owned by Ali Lakhany.

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