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Primera Enhances Bravo Blu-ray Disc Publishers

Primera Technology, Inc. announced that it has made significant speed enhancements to its Bravo-Series Blu-ray Disc Publishers.

According to the statement, all Primera Blu-ray Disc Publishers manufactured after May 1, 2010 ship with 12x recorders (up from 8x BD-R) and eSATA interfaces (replacing USB 2.0). Each machine includes the appropriate eSATA cable(s) and a PCIe eSATA adapter card. Some recent PCs and notebook computers also have one or more integrated eSATA jacks.

With almost six times the effective data transfer rate of USB 2.0, eSATA allows Primera’s Blu-ray Disc Publishers to burn Blu-ray Disc media at full 12x speeds.

“High-resolution Blu-ray Discs are quickly becoming popular for distributing high-resolution videos of weddings, events and even independent films,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With 12x drives and eSATA interfaces, Primera’s Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are the fastest way to produce professional-quality burned and printed Blu-ray Discs.”

Four versions of the Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are now available with 12x Blu-ray Disc recordable drives and eSATA interfaces. All are capable of burning and direct-to-disc full-color printing onto CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R media:

• Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher: 20-disc capacity and one CD/DVD/BD drive; $2995 (MSRP).

• BravoPro Xi Blu Disc Publisher: 100-disc capacity and one CD/DVD/BD drive; $3995 (MSRP).

• BravoPro Xi2 Blu Disc Publisher: 100-disc capacity and two CD/DVD/BD drives; $4995 (MSRP).

• Bravo XRP-Blu Disc Publisher: 100-disc capacity and two CD/DVD/BD drives, rack mountable; $8995 (MSRP).

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