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projectiondesign Launches optix SuperWide 235 DLP Projector

projectiondesign announced that it is launching at CEDIA Expo 2010 its avielo optix SuperWide 235 DLP Projector, which displays 2.35:1 content natively at 1080p vertical resolution.

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Unedited press release follows:

Beyond Blu-ray : World’s First Projector to Display 235 :1 content natively at 1080p vertical resolution from avielo by projectiondesign®

Fredrikstad, Norway, September 22-26, 2010 – More pixels, more brightness, more resolution, and an image that is exactly as the movie director intended – that’s the promise behind the avielo optix SuperWide 235 from projectiondesign®.

Making its worldwide debut at CEDIA Expo 2010 in Atlanta between September 22-26, 2010, the avielo optix SuperWide 235 utilizes a new high-resolution DLP® chip, developed by projectiondesign engineers in partnership with Texas Instruments (TI), that allows an image of 2538 x 1080 resolution to be displayed in the home for the first time without the use of additional optics.

Until now, in home theater applications, the only way to truly watch a picture in 2.35:1 full format was to add additional bulky lenses to the front of the projector and then scale the picture to fit the screen. Even using high-quality optical glass, these lenses inevitably impact on image clarity and can reduce measured picture brightness by up to 10%. Now, thanks to the new avielo projector, the days of adding expensive lenses are at an end!

Explaining the significance of native 2.35:1 aspect ratio projection, Anders Løkke, Marketing & Communications Manager, projectiondesign, says: “The Blu-ray Disc media is considered by most to be the heart of the High Definition format, and sets the standard for true HD home theater. However, Blu-ray Disc is based on a 1.78:1 image format. In order to fit a 2.35:1 image on a device that is 1920 pixels wide, the vertical resolution must be reduced to around 800 pixels.

“Using industry-leading video processing, the avielo optix SuperWide 235 formats the 1920 x 800 image to an astonishing 2538 x 1080 picture. This combination of adding pixels to the width and using the full height of the picture at 1080 results in an astounding increase in image quality and impact over a standard projector and source.”

By way of comparison, avielo’s SuperWide 235 format uses 78% more pixels for native 2:35:1 display versus a standard 1080p projector with a Blu-ray Disc 2:35 format movie.

Best of all, this increase in resolution is achieved without compromise, as Løkke explains: “When the image goes from 1.78 to 2.35:1, the projector uses increased native resolution to expand the width of the image without impacting the height.

“To provide the best possible performance, the all-new projection lenses and optics in the avielo optix SuperWide 235 are custom-designed for 2538 x 1080 pixel resolution. All lenses use special aspherical glass elements and enhanced, low-dispersion glass for increased contrast, improved color saturation, and above all, excellent sharpness, producing unsurpassed image clarity and incredible detail.”

The result is a smooth, bright, crystal-clear image across wide-format, home-theater screens for the first time. With the avielo optix SuperWide 235, movie lovers can finally enjoy a true cinematic wide-screen experience, with more brightness and impact than ever before!

About avielo
The avielo series of high performance projectors are designed and hand-built in Fredrikstad, Norway by projectiondesign. Aimed at the high-end custom installation market for use in elite lifestyle applications, avielo projectors feature the most advanced imaging technology that is consistently being utilized in the making of blockbuster movies. The series incorporates a wide range of models, from entry level to the ultimate high end in video display.

About projectiondesign
projectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. Amongst its core markets are high resolution scientific visualization, visual training and simulation, medical imaging, broadcast and post production, public media and entertainment. Numerous industry milestones that distinguish projectiondesign’s award winning, innovative technology include the introduction of the world’s first single-chip SXGA DLP projector in 2002, the first commercially available 1080p DLP projector in 2006, the first WUXGA resolution DLP projector, and the first portable and high-resolution active 3D stereoscopic projector in 2008. In 2009, projectiondesign introduced its first 3-chip projector and debuted LED illumination. 2010 signifies the company’s first image warp and blend product with the MIPS processors, as well as the world premiere of the WQXGA resolution (2,560 x 1,600) projector, and revolutionary patented Remote Light Source technology. The entire professional product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. projectiondesign is based in Fredrikstad, Norway, and has offices in Singapore, India, UAE, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.