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PT IMD Purchases CAV Option for Singulus AM Master System

Singulus Mastering B.V. announced that PT IMD (Indonesia) has purchased a Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) upgrade to its Singulus AM Master system.

According to the statement, with this upgrade, the production capacity of PT IMD’s AM Master in-line glass mastering system has been increased significantly. For CD an additional output of 70% has been reached and for DVD the production capacity almost doubled. The production capacities in CAV mode are comparable to recording speeds of 15x CD and 5x DVD in traditional Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) mode.

Ms. Sylvia Cendrawan, Managing Director of PT IMD, comments: “The CAV upgrade was completed with flying colors, showing excellent signals at shortened recording times per master. In terms of quality, the AM Master performs in CAV mode at a comparably high level as in CLV mode. The installation of this speed upgrade has enabled us to increase our production capacity, without the need for buying another mastering system.”

The CAV option uses a different recording method than CLV. The method refers to the constant rotation speed of the motor in the laser beam recorder during the entire recording. This method requires a very accurate control of the laser power and the frequency of the modulated input signal for the laser, both continuously increasing during the recording.

In traditional CLV mode, the rotation speed of the laser beam recorder motor decreases towards the outer disc radii, while the laser power and modulation frequency are kept at a constant value.

In CAV mode, the rotation motor rotates continuously at a fixed high rate and the total recording time per master decreases. This significantly increases the daily production capacity of the AM Master.

Apart from employing the ACE250 signal encoder, an important part of the CAV upgrade for the AM Master is its use of the Learning Feed Forward Control (LFFC) module, originally developed for the CRYSTALLINE Singulus Mastering BD platform.

LFFC allows a very fast focus control of the laser beam by learning the disc’s geometry with every revolution and using this knowledge to pre-adjust the focus for the next revolution. This is necessary to cope with the increasing linear velocities of up to 25 m/s towards the outer radii of the master, while maintaining focus.

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