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Public Media Work Readies Entertainment Kiosk

Public Media Works announced that it and Signifi Solutions have completed design, development and testing on their latest entertainment kiosk.

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Unedited press release follows:

Public Media Works Announces Launch of Fastest, Highest Capacity Entertainment Kiosk

Cutting-Edge Technology and Design Ushers in the Most Innovative Kiosk With Unsurpassed Features

SAUSALITO, CA–(January 4, 2011) – Public Media Works, Inc. (OTCBB: PUBM) announced today that, in conjunction with Signifi Solutions Inc., they have completed a rigorous design, development and testing process to produce the best-in-class entertainment kiosk in the marketplace today, with the capability to quickly and easily add new customer features such as high speed downloading. The first order for the new kiosk has gone into production and will launch in select U.S. markets beginning in Q1 2011.

“We listened carefully to the concerns of kiosk retailers and customers, and learned a great deal from these conversations,” remarked Greg Waring, President of Public Media Works. “Despite the success and growth of the industry, several shortcomings with current solutions were consistently mentioned, so we focused our work on overcoming these issues. We learned that the critical issues today are speed of service and machine capacity. The new kiosk from Public Media Works overcomes these concerns in several ways. The first is with a unique design that will allow two customers to use a machine at once — allowing for simultaneous rental and return of discs. In addition, the new kiosks will have a 1400 disc capacity, which is more than twice the capacity of redbox®. The combination of these innovative features is expected to result in much higher customer satisfaction as more discs will be available to rent, and people will be able to rent and return much faster than with any other provider in the marketplace. The built-in flexibility of the design also allows for the future introduction of high speed downloading capabilities directly at the kiosks.”

These new advances are in addition to Signifi’s other industry leading features, including high-speed, robotic components for faster and more reliable rental and return times, and rugged weather protection allowing for outdoor placement and 24/7 customer convenience. All kiosks will also incorporate a 100% digital marketing solution, allowing the machines to have a much smaller footprint with no need for large “wings” to communicate marketing messages. These messages will instead be carried on a built-in 32″ HDTV monitor. The new kiosks are expected to have higher reliability and customer satisfaction as a result of the all-digitally controlled hardware and innovative software design from Signifi, a world leader in the industry segment.

Public Media Works has entered into agreements for the launch of their U.S. Kiosk network at high traffic outdoor locations as a part of planned Q1-2011 deployments. Further details on these locations will be released in coming weeks.

About Public Media Works
Public Media Works, Inc. (OTCBB: PUBM) is in the process of rolling out a network of conveniently located self-service kiosks which vend Blu-ray Discs and DVDs for rental or purchase in retail locations. Through a partnership with Signifi Solutions, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, Public Media Works manufactures, operates, and maintains a network of kiosk “Stores” that feature the highest-quality, fastest, and most dependable access to home entertainment media. Visit us on the Web at