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Public Media Works Set to Launch DVD Kiosks

Public Media Works announced that it plans to install its first DVD video kiosks in several California locations.

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Unedited press release follows:

Public Media Works to Roll Out Kiosks in Coming Weeks

Initial Kiosks Targeted for Southern California

SAUSALITO, CA–(January 27, 2011) – Public Media Works, Inc. (OTCBB: PUBM) announced today that it plans to install its first video kiosks in several California markets. The kiosks will all be placed in high visibility and high traffic locations. All kiosks will be the new S1400 model from Signifi Solutions, Inc. of Toronto, Canada and will have both state of the art technology and functionality.

Gregory Waring, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company, stated, “We have been in development for several months and expect our initial kiosks to be coming off the assembly line in the next few weeks. We believe these kiosks will provide us with an enormous amount of information which will allow us to tailor and refine all of our processes.” Greg went on to say, “We have designed a kiosk that will accommodate more DVDs than is currently available in the industry today, and which has unrivaled speed for the rental and return of DVDs. Our goal has always been to provide consumers with a more robust and satisfying experience than anything currently in the market. These kiosks will have the ability to dispense and return DVDs at the same time. I am confident that we are about to launch what will be considered by many as the new ‘gold standard’ in the world of automated retailing.”

About Public Media Works
Public Media Works, Inc. (OTCBB: PUBM) is in the process of rolling out a network of conveniently located self-service kiosks which vend Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs for rental or purchase in retail locations. Through a partnership with Signifi Solutions, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, Public Media Works manufactures, operates, and maintains a network of kiosk “Stores” that feature the highest-quality, fastest, and most dependable access to home entertainment media. Visit us on the Web at