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Radius60 Joins Scenartist Ultra HD Blu-ray Focus Group

Scenarist, LLC announced that Radius60 has joined Scenarist’s Ultra HD focus group (UHDG).

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Unedited press release follows:


World-Class Authoring Facility Ready for Ultra HD Blu-ray Format

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 6, 2016) – Scenarist, LLC, the leading developer of Hollywood-standard professional Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc authoring systems based in Marin County, California announced today that Radius60, a world-class post production and strategic authoring facility to major motion picture studios located in Los Angeles, California, has joined Scenarist’s Ultra HD focus group (UHDG). Along with its participation in the UHDG, Radius60 has added Scenarist UHD and Scenarist BD Pro authoring as well as ATEME TITAN HEVC 4K/HDR video encoding systems to provide their clients with proven Ultra HD Blu-ray title development. The result builds on the Ultra HD Blu-ray format momentum in Hollywood and adds a key authoring service provider to the growing list of Scenarist UHD equipped facilities worldwide.

The Scenarist UHDG focus group is a global collection of distinguished authoring facilities, technology companies and service providers that are working closely with Scenarist during the development and launch of the Ultra HD Blu-ray format. Radius60 has been testing Scenarist UHD and the ATEME TITAN encoding system for several weeks and is already producing titles with stunning 4K High Dynamic Range video content and immersive audio content.

“Radius60 is client focused to over-deliver on our clients’ expectations no matter the format. Scenarist UHD and ATEME TITAN are already proven for their reliability and spec compliance, but they also fit our demanding workflow expectations perfectly,” said Raja Sahi, chief technology officer at Radius60. “And because Scenarist BD is the already gold-standard for authoring in Hollywood, our authors have been able to make the transition to Scenarist UHD very quickly and they are already extremely productive.”

Scenarist has been developing professional DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring systems since 1995, and has worked closely with UHDG members since February 2015 to identify key workflow optimization requirements for Ultra HD Blu-ray title development. A key focus has been project portability between HD Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray formats to enable efficient workflow and resource management. ATEME joined the UHDG in September, 2015 and has worked with Scenarist to streamline the integration of the highly regarded TITAN transcoding system with Scenarist UHD. The majority of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles available at launch have been made with the combination of Scenarist UHD and ATEME TITAN systems.

“We are very excited to welcome Radius 60 as a member of our UHDG focus group; their workflow expertise and commitment to uncompromising quality make them a perfect addition to the distinguished list of facilities providing Ultra HD Blu-ray format services worldwide,” said Rolf Hartley, managing partner at Scenarist, LLC. “Ultra HD Blu-ray is poised deliver the premium entertainment experience to consumers, and Hollywood studios can rely on authoring veterans, like Radius60, to deliver blockbuster titles in time for the format launch and beyond.”

Scenarist UHD has been certified by the Blu-ray Disc Association as ‘Production Ready’ and Scenarist will be demonstrating the system at CES2016 with the Blu-ray Disc Association located in Suite 2998 at the Westgate Hotel adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About Scenarist, LLC
Scenarist, LLC, located in Marin County, California, is the world’s leading developer of professional authoring technology since 1995. Scenarist products enable major motion picture companies, high-end authoring facilities, producers and independent content holders to release titles on media formats such as DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc. The company’s core products, Scenarist SD and Scenarist BD, are the Hollywood-standard because they provide unparalleled access to format parameters and enable the ultimate level of authoring creativity for Hollywood’s most demanding titles. Today, the vast majority of commercially released DVD and BD titles have been created using Scenarist authoring systems. Contact Scenarist online at

About Radius60
Located in Los Angeles, California, Radius60 has provided technology solutions to the entertainment industry for over 10 years. The company products and services span the digital spectrum from physical to OTT and enhanced “extras” packages. Radius60′s clients include virtually all of the major Hollywood studios and dozens of independent content holders. To date, Radius60 has delivered thousands of titles to iTunes, Google, Netflix, Vudu, and other service providers. Radius60 has created a large percentage of iTunes Extras titles available on the Apple App Store, developed the specification of and delivered the first cross-platform Extras titles, and authored thousands of DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc titles. The company also produces award-winning apps for tablet and mobile devices. For more information, please visit or phone +1 (310) 979-6060.