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RCDb Brings PayPal to Cable, Blu-ray and Connected TVs

Related Content Database (RCDb) announced a way for consumers to buy products directly with PayPal during programming from cable television services, Blu-ray players and other connected TV devices.

According to the statement, RCDb has demonstrated a purchase of a music soundtrack directly from a movie on demand on a cable set-top box. The user simply enters a PIN number from the TV remote control to buy and pay directly from their PayPal account.

RCDb is demonstrating the PayPal integration in the “My World, Powered by Cable” and CableNET exhibit areas during the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s The Cable Show 2010 being held May 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

RCDb offers communication software and data services to content owners, network service providers, and consumer electronics manufacturers. PayPal’s e-commerce capabilities are now pre-integrated for cable operators that deploy the RCDb web services platform on their networks so they can better monetize TV and movie content through the integration of established web services.

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