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RCDb Integrates With Tru2way Cable Platform

Related Content Database (RCDb) announced at the CableLabs Winter Conference an integration of its web services and metadata software platform with a tru2way enabled cable set-top-box.

According to the statement, the integration brings web services powered by the RCDb platform in Blu-ray Disc (BD) environments to another Java, GEM based environment such as tru2way. This means that service providers can now leverage the same software platform, content and vendor ecosystem that Hollywood studios use for Blu-ray Disc and BD-Live feature development. Hollywood studios and other content providers can now bring their content and network services to both Blu-ray and cable simultaneously with the same technical solution.

Featured today in Denver as part of CableLabs “Innovation Showcase,” the live demonstration shows integration of the RCDb Client and Server platform to a Panasonic tru2way cable host set top. It connects the cable device to web services via the RCDb server.

The RCDb solution demonstration includes live e-commerce purchasing of related soft and hard goods, live movie database interaction with IMDb and Gracenote, and live interaction with social media networks Twitter and Facebook. In addition to rapid web services integration, RCDb also provides scene-by-scene content metadata that enables tru2way application developers to quickly and efficiently create compelling value added services.

“The RCDb platform bridges the gap between the world of web services, whose APIs, data formats and business logic are always changing very fast, and the world of connected devices, which are governed by rules of software stability, longer product development cycles and harsh computing environment constraints,” said Zane Vella, CEO of RCDb.

“Panasonic is excited to be working with RCDb and to have the opportunity to showcase the technology in our tru2way set-top box,” said Yasushi Nishimura, Director, Panasonic iDCR Software Center. “Panasonic’s cable industry customers are always looking at ways to leverage innovations to enhance their platforms and services. At a time when the web is advancing rapidly, the fast integration of services is critical for cable operators – and the RCDb platform helps accelerate the delivery of that innovation,” he added.

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