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Rentrak Publishes State of VOD Report

Rentrak Corporation announced that it has published a new report that details trends across the on-demand television business.

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Unedited press release follows:

The New “Rentrak State of Video-On-Demand: Trend Report 2010″ Is Now Available

— Report Provides Detailed Insights and Trends Across the On-Demand Television Business —

PORTLAND, Ore., May 9, 2011 — Rentrak Corporation (Nasdaq: RENT), the leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and entertainment industries, today announced the “Rentrak State Of VOD: Trend Report 2010″ is now available for purchase. The report encompasses industry-wide video-on-demand (VOD) performance data for 2010 based on an aggregation of data from Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials service.

This year’s report provides customers with a complete understanding of the Television-On-Demand landscape and evaluates opportunities on the platform regarding the adoption of VOD across business models in order to determine what type of content is generating revenue and what categories of free content are catching consumer attention to assist in launching new networks or leveraging existing networks. For advertiser and agency customers, the report offers insights into which Free-On-Demand categories provide the highest reach and frequency over a 28-day placement as well as what time of day VOD usage peaks across categories.

In addition to analyses of the various on-demand content types, this year’s report contains detailed metrics; four-years of trending and analysis; an in-depth study of high-definition on-demand; and a linear-to-on-demand analysis. As an added benefit, and for the first time since this report has been published, customers can purchase the data tables to supplement the overall analysis. The data tables are a valuable tool which will allow customers to dissect and analyze the data in a multitude of different ways.

Report Features:

• Industry-wide performance data for 2010
• Overall trends and growth from 2007 to 2010 for VOD and across all content types, including Free-On-Demand (FOD), Subscription-On-Demand (SVOD), and Transactional-On-Demand (TOD)
• Trends of the top 5 FOD categories including an in-depth analysis of viewing patterns
• Comparison of New Release movies vs. Library titles
• Top 100 TOD Movies by genre
• Adult TOD and SVOD analysis
• Cross duplication study among content types
• VOD distribution by region
• HD VOD trend and analysis of usage patterns by content type
• Reach curves and title benchmarks for the top 5 FOD categories
• Linear to VOD analysis studying the VOD behavior of heavy linear TV households

“Video-on-demand continues to be an important revenue stream for both cable operators and content providers. Free-On-Demand growth represents an opportunity for advertisers to leverage these targeted and engaged viewers,” said Kristie Fortner, Vice President of Analytical Solutions at Rentrak.

Insights From This Year’s “Rentrak State Of VOD: Trend Report 2010:”

• In 2010, an average of 38 million set-top boxes per month accessed VOD content, an 11% increase over 2009
• 44% of all enabled set-top boxes access VOD in an average month
• VOD users had an average of 17.1 transactions per month in 2010
• FOD represented 74% of all VOD transactions last year
• Music, Kids and TV Entertainment remain the top FOD Categories, with TV Entertainment being the fastest growing; up 31% year-over-year
• The Movies-On-Demand business was up 9.1%, to almost $1 billion in revenue

Rentrak is the leader in on-demand measurement and is the recognized media currency for the industry. The company processes daily, census-level on-demand data representing over 80 million set-top boxes from 38 cable, telco and satellite providers and 100% of the top-25 operators offering video-on-demand. Rentrak’s extensive on-demand data is used by more than 150 network and studio clients.

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