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Rimage Launches Evidence Disc System

Rimage Corporation announced it has introduced the Rimage Evidence Disc System, a series of solutions specifically designed to automate the ingestion and analysis of optical media evidence.

According to the statement, using robotics, CD/DVD/Blu-ray combination recorders, and an integrated digital camera, the Rimage Evidence Disc System automatically picks evidence discs from input bins, photographs the top of each disc, ingests and analyzes the recorded content and then prepares a report by disc and case – all unattended and without altering or compromising the evidence discs in any way. This automated process is more than 87% faster than manual alternatives which often tie up skilled digital forensics examiners for days or weeks.

“This solution really streamlines and simplifies our customer’s workflow,” said Christopher Wells, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Rimage. ”The easy-to-use software makes ingesting digital evidence simple, and all the data exports directly into leading desktop forensic analysis software packages so it can be combined with other case information.”

The Rimage Evidence Disc System can photograph and analyze up to 300 CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs at a time in mixed batches and without operator intervention. Evidence can be seized, bundled as is, and then analyzed quickly and efficiently. In addition, the Evidence Disc System leverages Rimage’s current product line and offers the features and functionality that allow it to perform double duty as both a network CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc publisher and an archiving appliance.

“As high-tech crime proliferates all over the world, we are proud to provide innovative solutions that allow digital investigators to keep pace with the criminal production of illegal content,” reports James Krainock, Forensics Marketing Manager, Rimage, from the Counter Terror Expo in London.

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