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Samsung Adopts Technicolor mp3HD Format

Technicolor announced that its mp3HD format, introduced in 2009, is featured in the Samsung “IceTouch,” the company’s first mp3HD portable player, which was recently unveiled at CES 2010.

According to the statement, the mp3HD format offers lossless audio compression as well as compatibility with the widely-used MP3 standard. mp3HD enables content creators, the music industry and consumers to benefit from the ultimate audio quality experience with the same ease of use as the MP3 format.

Consumers can download free mp3HD utilities to convert audio CDs or their own content to mp3HD and play it back with the Winamp plug-in or the Fraunhofer player available at or

The website also features mp3HD demo tracks from independent artists as well as resources for developers and music enthusiasts.

For professionals, Technicolor offers complete mp3HD software and hardware development kits.

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