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Sceptre Accused of Infringing ATSC and MPEG-2 Patents

MPEG LA announced that patent holders in its ATSC and MPEG-2 patent portfolio licenses have filed enforcement actions against Sceptre.

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Sceptre Sued for ATSC and MPEG-2 Patent Infringement

DENVER — MPEG LA, LLC today announced that patent owners in MPEG LA’s ATSC Patent Portfolio License and MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License have filed patent enforcement actions in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against Sceptre, Inc. (“Sceptre”) for infringing patents essential to the MPEG-2 digital video compression standard and the ATSC digital broadcast standard.

According to the complaints, Sceptre offers in the United States products, such as digital television sets, which use patent-protected MPEG-2 and ATSC methods without having entered into licenses with the individual patent holders or portfolio licenses offered by MPEG LA.

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