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Sector 5 Rolls Out 65-inch 4K Ultra HDTV

Sector 5, Inc. announced its new 65-inch 4K Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) DLED television ($979.99).

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Unedited press release follows:

Sector 5 Intends to Reinvent TV Market with its 4K 65″ Ultra HD DLED

Available on Amazon for $979.99 for a 65″4K TV for Families, Gamers and Sports Bar Entertainers

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 17, 2016 — Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SECT) announces the launch of our new large 65″ Ultra HD model TV for $979.99.

Our new television is the culmination of the evolution of 4K technology towards consumer friendly pricing with image enhancing performance, featuring DLED technology which is superior to any existing technology.

Our new 65″ UHD TV accommodates the popular consumer choices for streaming technologies, which include NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, Roku, Nexus Player and Five TV. Sector 5 UHD 4K resolution enhances your streaming experience.  With the popularity of the 4k video standard we have ensured quality 4K video delivery. Additionally, our TV’s are equipped to deliver maximum resolution from the content that is being delivered, even if the delivery is lower than 4K standards.

Our state of the art unit accommodates a complete full visual and audio experience, from the living, conference, and class rooms, to the home theatre. This Slim Bezel design and the hidden sound bar speakers compliment modern décor design whether standing or mounted.

“Sector 5 intends to disrupt the television market with large no-nonsense UHD TVs that combine the best in simplicity, performance and price point!” explains Roger McKeague, Chief Executive Officer, Sector 5. “We believe the smart TV functionality is best achieved through an external device like an Apple TV or Roku box while optimizing the television for a great picture display at the best price. Our 4K TV 65″ screen  at a price point of $979.99 is what our customers want.”

About Sector 5, Inc.
Sector 5, Inc. is a Nevada corporation, publicly traded (OTCQB: SECT), that creates, manufactures and sells Sector 5 branded electronics focused on development and sales of of electronics products for the educational and consumer electronics markets. Sector 5 and its manufacturing partners, leading suppliers, and tier-1 designers are working together to combine American ingenuity and China’s manufacturing strengths to create products with the latest technology, innovative features and best pricing while exceeding market expectations. Sector 5′s distribution strategy centers on our competitive advantages in the B2B, retail, e-commerce, K-12 and Higher Education markets. Sector 5′s foundation of success and promise to the world is defined by a pursuit of simplicity and a commitment to innovation. Quality, reliability and excellent customer support is an integral component of that commitment. Further information can be found at our website