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Sharp Bags EISA Award for Quattron Technology

Sharp Europe announced that the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has voted Sharp’s Quattron technology the TV Innovation of the Year 2010.

According to the statement, the prize-winning Quattron technology is used in all models of Sharp’s LE800E and LE900E series, as well as its lates t3D LE925E series of AQUOS LCD HDTVs.

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Unedited press release follows:

And the winner is … yellow! Innovations Award for AQUOS LCD-TVs with Quattron Technology

In the eyes of the European trade press the best products in the TV field come from Sharp. The jury of the EISA1 has voted Sharp’s Quattron technology the TV Innovation of the Year 2010. Sharp is the deserved winner of this award. In Quattron the Japanese electronics group has achieved a new level of television quality, with even more brilliant pictures and outstanding environmental properties. Sharp’s current LCD TV line-up sets the benchmark for colour television in the 21st century.

Berlin, IFA 2010. The members of the European jury have voted and agreed: Sharp is the winner of the EISA Innovation Award for the TV category. Quattron four-colour pixel structure raises Sharp above other TV manufacturers, since it combines a quantum leap in the development of screen technology with outstanding energy efficiency and elegant design. With Quattron, Sharp has added yellow as the fourth subpixel colour to the conventional three-colour RGB pixel structure of LCD TVs. This guarantees even more natural and brilliant picture quality in both 2D and 3D.

“The enthusiastic response to the products that feature Quattron technology is reflected in the EISA award. Winning this award is evidence of the fact that for many independent experts Quattron is the TV Innovation of the Year 2010,” says Joachim Neils, Manager Marketing/Product Planning AV, Sharp Electronics Europe. “The EISA title provides an excellent guide for quality-conscious consumers. In Quattron Sharp has already launched the decisive technological basis for the AQUOS LCD TVs of the next generation,” continues Neils.

Sharp is presenting more than 30 new LCD TVs at this year’s IFA in Berlin, The prize-winning Quattron technology is used in all models of the LE800E and LE900E series. In the LE925E series the fourth pixel meets the third dimension: Quattron gives LCD TVs the best 3D performance currently available – maximum brightness, brilliant three-dimensional images and even lower energy consumption.

1 The jury of the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is composed of 50 editors of leading European consumer electronics magazines. Every year it votes the top products in different categories, such as audio, video, home theatre and photography.