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Sharp Launches AQUOS Quattron 3D HDTVs in Canada

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. announced its first 3D LED LCD televisions for the Canadian market, the AQUOS Quattron 3D LE925 series.

According to the statement, available in 60-inch (LC-60LE925UN) and 52-inch (LC-52LE925UN) screen sizes, the new AQUOS Quattron 3D HDTVs retail for a few hundred dollars less than in the U.S. at $4,999.99 and $3,999.99 respectively. Sharp also announced a Blu-ray 3D player (BDHP80U) for $399.99.

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AQUOS Quattron 3D system offers the brightest 3D image resolution on the market

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Sept. 23 – Sharp Electronics introduces its first 3D LCD televisions to Canada today with the arrival of the AQUOS Quattron LE925 series. Available in sleek, contemporary 60- and 52-inch screen sizes, these new TVs employ proprietary Sharp technologies, including Sharp’s breakthrough quad pixel four-colour technology, to deliver a superior 3D experience with the brightest image reproduction on the market.

The key differentiator in Sharp’s 3D experience, Sharp’s Quattron quad pixel technology, adds the colour yellow to the traditional red, green and blue (RGB) TV colour filter, to produce a markedly brighter, more vivid picture with superior colour reproduction. It was with this perfected colour technology in-hand that Sharp was able to bring 3DTV to market with a picture bright enough to counteract the traditionally darker images of 3D televisions, making 3DTV truly ready for prime-time.

Additional proprietary technologies such as Sharp’s X-Gen LCD panel, Frame Rate Enhanced Driving and LED backlight side-mount scanning work together to also enhance brightness as well as overcome other aspects associated with 3D television, such as a lack of sharpness, definition and depth in images. Sharp’s 3D system also features extremely low crosstalk – a ghosting of images that occurs when the right eye sees some residue of the image intended for the left eye and vice versa – that can sometimes happen when using active shutter glasses.

“We are excited to bring a truly unique 3D TV experience to Canadians that will show 3D content as it was meant to be seen,” said Carmine Cinerari, President, Sharp Canada. “Quattron 3D combines a series of technologies that no other manufacturer can offer to enhance the 3D experience and realize its full potential.”

The AQUOS Quattron 3D System
The Sharp 3D system includes the AQUOS Quattron LE925 series TVs, Sharp’s advanced infra-red, active shutter glasses, and the Sharp BDHP80U 3D Blu-ray Disc player (sold separately). Unique in the marketplace, Sharp’s active shutter glasses are the only glasses that give viewers the option of watching the same content in 3D or 2D simultaneously, using the 3D-2D conversion button on the glasses. Each model in the 925 series comes equipped with two pairs of glasses.

Sharp’s unique Spacious 3D Sound feature puts the audience at the centre of the action, offering three types of surround sound: 3D standard mode, 3D movie mode which simulates the experience of being in a theater and 3D Hall mode which reproduces the live sound of being in a concert call.

Enhanced Technology for a Stunning Picture – in 2D and 3D
AQUOS Quattron 3D addresses the vast amount of television content still currently only available in 2D with its ability to up-convert 2D images to 3D, offering consumers added depth and detail in their favourite programming, where available.

Whether watching content in 2D or 3D, Sharp’s AquoMotion 240 technology offers outstanding performance for fast-action imagery without blur and artifacts, while Quad Pixel Plus technology produces an ultra-smooth picture with fine detail by enabling the individual control of each of the sub-pixels on screen. For gamers, the 925 series’ proprietary Vyper Drive game mode eliminates perceptible lag between the game console and its display on the TV, resulting in a super-responsive gaming experience.

Interactive Features
The 925 series integrates Sharp’s AQUOS Net service, a free Web-based service that gives Sharp AQUOS customers access to personalized information and content. It comes equipped with premium content services including Netflix™* streaming video, providing consumers with the latest television shows and movies on-demand. Both 925 series models are sold with a USB WiFi adapter to facilitate quick access to streaming and other Web-based applications. A built-in USB media player and dual USB inputs enable immediate enjoyment of digital video, music and photos.

Elegant & Energy Efficient
The LE925 series sports a contemporary design that complements the elegance of modern home theaters with a 1.6-inch thin depth and full-front panel glass that extends to meet the borders. These models also boast extremely low power consumption, compliant with Energy Star® Version 5.1 (2012) standard, and equipped with Sharp’s OPC function, automatically adjusting the unit’s brightness based on the lighting of the room.

AQUOS Advantage Peace of Mind
New owners of Sharp’s 925 series can rely on Sharp’s AQUOS Advantage program – the industry’s leading online support system, free with the purchase of their TV, to ensure their 3D system is set up and running perfectly. AQUOS Advantage Advisors offer live assistance to guide consumers through the set up process, using a straightforward four-step High Definition set-up checklist that includes help with receiving HD content, configuring the remote control, selecting the correct cables, and adjusting the TV’s settings. Members will also receive priority troubleshooting assistance and, when needed, repair services, including next business day scheduling and expedited service visits in many areas of the country. In some situations where an AQUOS Advantage program member’s TV cannot be repaired on a first visit, the customer will** be provided with a complimentary Sharp HDTV on loan until the repair is complete.

Available at retailers nationwide, the Sharp 3D experience harnesses the perfection of its Quattron colour technology, as well as other advanced proprietary technologies to make 3DTV truly a ‘must see’ event this fall. For more information on Sharp’s full line up of LCD-TVs, visit


* The LC-60LE925UN is currently available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $4,999.99
* The LC-52LE925UN is currently available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $3,999.99.
* The BDHP80U is currently available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $399.99.

About Sharp Canada
Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation of Osaka, Japan, a worldwide developer of the core technologies integral to shaping the next generation of home entertainment, appliance, air purification and digital office equipment systems. A world leader in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Sharp is the developer of the SharpVision® line of projection products and the revolutionary AQUOS® LCD Televisions and has won numerous awards for the technology behind the AQUOS® line. Sharp continues to demonstrate its home entertainment leadership by advancing technologies such as High Definition Television (HDTV) and front projection technology. Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion technology makes them a world leader in Air Purifier technology. Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. is located in Mississauga, Ontario. For more information, visit