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Sharp Streaming Blu-ray HTiB

Sharp announced a new Blu-ray Home-Theater-in-a-Box (HTiB) system at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas.

According to the statement, the 1020 watt, 5.1-channel BD-MPC41 incorporates Audyssey sound enhancement technology and iPod support along with Blu-ray and DVD playback as well as Netflix movie streaming. The unit will be available in Q2 2010 for $749.99.

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Unedited press release follows:


* Built-in high-definition BD player with total 1,020 watt output power

* Sound bar style front/center speaker

* Netflix® streaming and BD-Live functionality via Ethernet connection

* 1080p video with 24 frame output via HDMI®

* Audyssey Sound DSP – Dynamic EQ – Bass XT – Dynamic Volume
* iPod® connectivity

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2010 — Sharp unveils a cutting-edge home-theater-in-a-box system that combines versatility and performance for a complete home entertainment solution. Designed with video and audio enthusiasts in mind, the BD-MPC41 incorporates advanced Audyssey sound enhancement technology and iPod support along with Blu-ray and DVD playback and Netflix movie streaming.

The 5.1-channel BD-MPC41 is a one-box playback solution for consumers’ diverse media portfolios, including Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs, along with MP3 audio files and JPEG images on disc. The Ethernet port on the back of the HTIB system gives consumers a pipeline to additional content, from the BD-Live functionality of Blu-ray Discs® to thousands of streaming movie titles from Netflix. An FM tuner rounds out the menu of audio sources.

“There’s so much compelling content available today–on discs and via the Internet–that it can be overwhelming for consumers to try to manage it all,” said Bruce Tripido, associate vice president, Entertainment Products Division, Sharp Electronics Corporation. “Sharp wants to simplify the home entertainment experience for consumers by providing them an attractive, unified way to enjoy all of their media using a single interface and remote control.”

Addressing consumers’ desire for fewer boxes, the BD-MPC41 comes with an integrated sound bar that combines left, center and right speakers into a single streamlined cabinet. The sound bar comes in a high-gloss black finish that’s matched to the player, the rear speakers and the subwoofer. Mounting brackets and adjustable feet are included.

The BD-MPC41 delivers an impressive 1,020 watts to power the sound bar, rear-channel speakers and subwoofer. The system supports advanced surround-sound technologies including Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential. In addition to high power, the system boasts a palette of enhanced audio features from Audyssey, whose sound enhancement technology is found in high-end amplifiers. Audyssey brings the BD-MPC41 a level of audio performance not typically found in soundbar systems at any price. Audyssey Dynamic EQ is designed to maintain the dynamic range and balance of a soundtrack at any volume. Audyssey BASS XT maximizes subwoofer performance at low frequencies and Audyssey Dynamic Volume equalizes volume levels so that you can minimize the swings in volume between regular programming and commercials.

Designed to complement high-resolution Sharp 1080p AQUOS LCD TVs, the BD-MPC41 features HDMI 1.3 with x.v. Color, 24 frame output, and AQUOS Pure Mode for automatic color correction.

Advanced Features

* Built-in iPod Dock

* BD-ROM Profile 2.0 (BD-Live)

* FM tuner with 10 presets

* JPEG image playback

Pricing and Availability

* The BD-MPC41 will be available in Q2 2010 for an MSRP of $749.99.

For more information on Sharp’s full line of Liquid Crystal Televisions, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ, 07495-1163, or call 800-BE-SHARP.

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