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Singulus and Friends Optimistic About Blu-ray

Singulus Technologies announced that optimism about the Blu-ray Disc (BD) market abounded at the company’s latest customer event.

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Unedited press release follows:

Optimistic for Growth Market Blu-ray: SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ “Blu-ray Day” With International Participation
December 01, 2011

Kahl am Main, December 1, 2011 – With more than 100 participants from 23 different countries every major company in the optical disc sector was present at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) in Kahl am Main on November 29, 2011. Sylvia Hitzel, Vice President Marketing & Sales, welcomed the biggest Blu-ray producers worldwide, amongst others Arvato, Cinram, Sony and Technicolor. Sven Deutschmann, CEO Arvato Entertainment Europe, talked about the challenges in the optical disc market as a guest speaker. Sylvia Hitzel rated the event very highly: “We were very pleased that so many important disc producers followed our invitation.”

Jim Bottoms of Futuresource Consulting detailed the market trends of the Blu-ray disc. With his statement “the Blu-ray market will continue to grow substantially in the next couple of years as well” he presented a favorable forecast for the future. The recently published sales figures for the “Black Friday” in the US have by far exceeded expectations. In addition, interesting insights about the current state, the market trends and developments in the area of optical storage media were provided by Futuresource as well as by GFK.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, commented on the successful event as follows: “The communication with our customers and business partners all over the world is very vital for our company to further expand the technologic leadership in the segment for dual-layer Blu-ray machines. It is important for SINGULUS to be in work areas, which also provide growth potential in the medium- and long-term.”

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to expand its activities in the segments Solar and Optical Disc. The goal is to attain a leading position in the silicon and thin-film solar technology as a machine supplier as well as a development partner for new cell concepts and to further extend the technologic leadership in the Optical Disc segment. In the past couple of months SINGULUS has noticed increased activities in the area of MRAM memory by large semiconductor companies. SINGULUS expects that the development of MRAM memory will be further progressing. SINGULUS’ vacuum coating machine TIMARIS is already being utilized by customers to develop MRAM wafers. SINGULUS considers itself to be in an exceptional starting position for the upcoming growth market of MRAM. In addition, the company reviews other sectors and work areas, where new market segments can be developed on the basis of the present know-how in the area of vacuum coating.