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Singulus Blu-ray Equipment Passes Muster at VDC

Singulus Technologies AG announced that the BLULINE II Blu-ray Disc (BD) production line, as well as CRYSTALLINE mastering system, purchased by VDC Group in the UK have passed final acceptance testing.

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Unedited press release follows:

BLULINE II and CrystalLine successfully passed the Final Acceptance Test at VDC Group, UK

London/ Kahl am Main, March 1, 2011 – VDC Group, UK’s leading independent optical disc manufacturer, has formally accepted the CrystalLine Mastering System as well as the BLULINE II replication system for the production of dual layer Blu-ray disc.

Both, the SINGULUS MASTERING CrystalLine system and the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) BLULINE II replication system combined, passed the final acceptance test to the full BD specification. The final acceptance test run was based on production of both, BD25 and BD50 discs, during which an overall yield of well above 90% was shown with Jitter levels consistently well within specification and achieving values as low as 4.7%.

With the combined effort of VDC, SINGULUS and SINGULUS MASTERING, as well as Eclipse and Sibert, the goal to get mastering, stamper production and replication process running in parallel was achieved in February 2011.

The VDC Group is now the UK’s sole and only independent Blu-ray disc manufacturer and joins the exclusive group of optical disc manufacturers that can offer a one stop shop for Blu-ray disc production.

Another triumph in this configuration is the Eclipse ESP7000 BD Encoder and Write strategy which, in combination with the CrystalLine mastering system, achieves excellent results. This again demonstrates the flexibility of the CrystalLine system and strengthens SINGULUS’ position as the world leader in the supply of BD Manufacturing Equipment in conjunction with an established world-wide network for support and service.

About VDC
VDC Group, based in London, UK, has 28 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distribution. The company delivers to an extensive range of clients – small independents to large blue chip businesses from the music, multimedia, home entertainment and other business sectors.

The continued investment in technology has made VDC Group the first UK Company to install Blu-ray Disc mastering and replication. VDC Group can provide a world class solution for all optical disc requirements.

SINGULUS is the only company worldwide providing the complete value chain for all optical disc formats: Mastering, Molding, Replication. Up to now, SINGULUS has delivered more than 85 Blu-ray production machines to customers around the world. The latest technologic developments enable additional new applications for the Blu-ray format in the future. For this, amongst others, Blu-ray discs for the new 3D movie and television technology in HD-quality are required.

SINGULUS MASTERING has been delivering mastering systems to the industry since the first generation of optical discs. With a customer base covering the globe, SINGULUS MASTERING customers range from small plants that operate on a local scale to world-leading discs manufacturers active in the forefront of emerging optical standards.

SINGULUS will considerably expand its activities in the Solar segment and intensify its market activities. Accordingly, new equipment for the photovoltaics industry will be introduced to the market. The company’s target is to position itself at the forefront for the introduction of new technologies with respect to silicon as well as thin-film solar technology. In the future due to the available technologies, know-how and personal capabilities SINGULUS will not only supply individual machines and equipment to the solar market but will also actively market complete systems with process know-how. The enhancement of the strategy – to become OEM supplier as well as system provider – will offer the company new and additional opportunities.