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Singulus Delivers Sputtering System to DSI

Singulus Technologies announced that it will deliver one of its TIMARIS sputtering systems to the Data Storage Institute (DSI) in Singapore.

According to the statement, DSI plans to use this system in its development of Non-volatile Memories (NVM) including MRAM and PCRAM memory devices.

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Unedited press release follows:

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES will deliver a TIMARIS deposition system to Singapore’s Data Storage Institute

Kahl am Main, Germany — 29.September 2010 —SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) will deliver one of its TIMARIS sputtering systems to the Data Storage Institute (DSI) in Singapore. This TIMARIS system consists of two specialized deposition modules with 10 sputter cathodes each and one novel module for PVD and simultaneous ion treatment. DSI plans to use this tool for their development of Non-volatile Memories (NVM) and in particular MRAM and PCRAM memory devices. In connection with this installation, SINGULUS and DSI are planning to collaborate on the joint development of leading edge process technologies for these applications.

SINGULUS, through its Nano Deposition Technologies business unit, is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin film deposition equipment for MRAM and Thin Film Head production. Its TIMARIS PVD bridge tool system is designed as a flexible cluster tool for all wafers up to ø300 mm. At present six different process modules are available to configure a TIMARIS system according to customers specifications. These modules include the Multi-Target-Module (MTM, 10 targets in one chamber), the Oxidation Process Module (OPM), PreClean Module (PCM), Combination Process Module (CPM), Flexible-Target-Module (FTM), and Static PVD Module (SPM). Further modules are under development. The TIMARIS system is typically delivered with transport modules as the central wafer handler. The TIMARIS PVD modules (MTM, FTM, SPM) incorporate the full scope of sputtering techniques: DC magnetron sputtering, pulsed DC magnetron sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering as well as combinations of these modes are selectable through a recipe menu.

“We are very proud to have been selected by DSI to install our PVD system, since it proves the high reputation our TIMARIS tool family has in the market.” says Dr. Wolfram Maass, Managing Director of the SINGULUS Nano Deposition Technologies business unit, “The cooperation with DSI will allow us to participate at the leading edge research activities to develop these new types of Non-Volatile memories.”

SINGULUS TECHNOLOLOGIES is the only company worldwide providing the complete value chain for all Optical disc formats: Mastering, Molding, Replication. SINGULUS will considerably expand its activities in the Solar segment and intensify its market activities. Accordingly, new equipment for the photovoltaics industry will be introduced to the market. The company’s target is to position itself at the forefront for the introduction of new technologies with respect to silicon as well as thin-film solar technology.

Since entering into the business area of thin film deposition tools for magneto – electronic applications, SINGULUS is manufacturing the second generation of their TIMARIS PVD bridge tool, capable of handling all wafer sizes up to 300mm diameter. Besides MRAM technology, SINGULUS has shipped and qualified a number of systems to the Hard Disk Drive industry for the volume production of Thin Film Heads (TFHs).