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Singulus Still Waiting for Ultra HD Blu-ray Orders

Singulus Technologies announced that it is cutting its business forecast for 2015, largely due to a lack of orders for Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray disc replication lines.

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Unedited press release follows:

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Cuts Forecast for Business Year 2015

Kahl am Main, October 7, 2015 – In its forecast for the business year 2015 SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES had projected to achieve stable order intake and sales in the core segments Optical Disc and Solar. However, the two segments Solar and Optical Disc have diverged significantly in the current business year so far.

Although talks with key customers in the segment Optical Disc have not been finalized, the Executive Board no longer thinks that it is probable for new orders for the BLULINE II to be received in the next couple of months. In addition, the talks about the new production technology for the upcoming disc generation, the Ultra-HD Blu-ray Disc with a storage volume of up to 100 GB, do not foreshadow any progress at the moment, either.

The lack of expected new orders for Blu-ray impacts the sales and in particular the earnings expectations considerably. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has sufficient liquid funds to finance the operating activities.

For the Solar division SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES had projected a sharp increase in revenues for the current business year 2015 to double the sales achieved in the previous year. The course of business for this segment is mainly within expectations so that this target could be achieved probably. In the first half of the year SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES was able to already book orders in excess of € 57 million. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, comments: “In the past couple of weeks we were able to win additional key orders in the area of wet-chemical for the application of heterojunction technology. Also in the CIGS area we are working on larger projects. Overall, we thus expect a positive development for the Solar segment.”

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops innovative technologies for economic and resource-efficient production processes. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ strategy targets the use and expansion of its existing core competencies. This includes process technology and scientific solutions combined with mechanical and plant engineering. The core competence of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES rests on vacuum thin-film and plasma technology, wet-chemical processing as well as thermal process technology.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES works on expanding this expertise in its core segments and to transfer the know-how to new application areas.