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sofatronic Streamlines Blu-ray Pure Audio Authoring

msm-studios and sofatronic announced that they are working together to popularize the Blu-ray Disc (BD) Pure Audio format.

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Unedited press release follows:

High Fidelity on Blu-ray: new possibilities for Audio only discs

Blu-ray is more than just a format for filmed entertainment. Due to its capacities and bandwidth options, Blu-ray is a perfect new format for audiophile listeners. With the development of Pure Audio, Munich-based msm-studios have introduced a new way to discover music on Blu-ray using the best sound quality available on the market in a very convenient and easy-to-use format. By streamlining, the production of such discs will enable other audio studios, content owners and C&A facilities to use templates developed by sofatronic from an extension to their BD-J authoring platform for the efficient and comfortable design of user interfaces. Together, msm and sofatronic will also introduce a web-based service for the rapid creation of such titles.

By using sofatronic Kaleidoscope for the authoring of the disc, msm-studios were able to predefine a convenient operation mode for the disc, making it as easy to use as a CD-player. There is no need to even switch on your TV screen to start and control the music. msm can now produce discs quickly without the need of any programming. Therefore, sofatronic has integrated these features needed for Pure Audio discs and is able to offer these possibilities to other C&A houses as well.

For those audio engineers and content owners without a Blu-ray authoring environment, the two companies are to introduce a new web-based service. Users will be able to upload their sound files, revise designs and audio data that are transformed into Blu-ray cutting masters ready for replication. All this without any investment in any new soft or hardware, audio specialists can now upgrade to the new high-resolution format and offer their clients the best sound quality for BD players at home.

“We are very convinced that Blu-ray is also the perfect format for all the audiophile listeners out there who have invested a lot to get the best audio equipment for their homes. By cooperating msm-studios to spread this format only adds weight to the argument for Blu-ray’s future. This collaboration shows how our tools can be used by authoring specialists to realize great new ideas and also allow them to work more efficiently.”

Dieter Schwengler, VP Business Development at sofatronic

Stefan Bock, the CEO of msm-studios, will be presenting more details of this new solution in the US and Europe very soon. First, at the workshop “The Challenge of Producing Blu-ray” at the Audio Engineering Society Convention (Nov 7th 2010, San Francisco), and then a demonstration of all the disc features and the web-based service at the Tonmeistertagung 2010 in Leipzig, Germany at the workshop “The Challenge for Producing Blu-ray for Audio-only Applications” on the 27th of November. This will mark the start of the online services provided by the two companies.

“The launch of our web-based authoring service will resolve the bottleneck in Pure Audio Blu-ray authoring. The cooperation with sofatronic enables us to offer a complete authoring service on a large scale. Customers will benefit from a streamlined production process with fast turnaround times.”

Stefan Bock, Managing Director, msm-studios

About Pure Audio Blu-ray
Pure Audio Blu-ray developed by msm-studios in cooperation with 2L Lindberg Lyd offers enough space for high bit recordings, and is extremely easy to use. Any owner of a BD player can enjoy music with Pure Audio BDs providing the highest quality audio and even switch between available audio streams during playback. The disc can be operated with or without a screen interface, like a CD, with all the usual functions. The preferred audio tracks (e.g. 2.0 LPCM or 5.1 DTS-HD Master) are selected via one of the four color buttons on Blu-ray player remote. If you want to use the disc with a screen, you can of course enjoy all the features by navigating a well-designed menu. More info:

About msm-studios
Founded by Stefan Bock in 1991, msm-studios is now established as a premium service provider for Blu-ray-/DVD-/CD-mastering and audio/video post production. Among its references are to be found productions of all genres, featuring Falco, Konstantin Wecker, Maria Callas, Anna Netrebko, Friedrich Gulda, Seal, Nigel Kennedy, Morricone, Lang Lang, Hilary Hahn, Chet Baker, John McLaughlin, Manu Katché and many others. You will find further references at

About sofatronic
sofatronic is a leading middleware solutions provider for iTV and Blu-ray. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with offices also in Los Angeles, CA. sofatronic’s products and services enable the Film & TV industries to develop highly complex interactive applications efficiently which consequently reduces developmental costs and introduces targeted T-commerce merchandising. Leading C&A facilities and film studios are using sofatronic Kaleidoscope to develop BD-J applications for Blu-ray. For more information visit