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Sonic Streamlines Dolby TrueHD Production for Blu-ray

Sonic Solutions and Dolby Laboratories announced that Sonic Solutions has integrated Dolby’s professional Dolby TrueHD audio stream editing tools within Scenarist, Sonic’s authoring system for commercial Blu-ray Disc (BD) production.

According to the statement, support for Dolby TrueHD audio stream editing within Scenarist significantly streamlines production by eliminating up to 90 percent of the effort that was previously required to include the high-definition codec in Blu-ray Disc titles. Sonic included the enhanced Dolby TrueHD authoring capabilities in its version 5.2 of Scenarist released on March 30, 2010.

“Dolby set a standard for motion picture audio quality and continues to be a leader in the entertainment industry,” said Rolf Hartley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Premium Content Group, Sonic Solutions. “Integrating Dolby’s stream editing into Scenarist brings benefit to our customers by massively reducing time-to-market in producing Blu-ray Disc titles that feature Dolby TrueHD audio.”

Dolby TrueHD is lossless audio technology designed for high-definition entertainment. Dolby TrueHD supports up to eight channels (7.1-channel surround) of 24-bit/96 kHz audio, with expandability to accommodate more channels in the future while retaining compatibility with all Dolby TrueHD decoders. Integrating Dolby TrueHD capabilities into Scenarist will help increase production efficiency by turning an otherwise lengthy procedure into a seamless process.

“As a recognized leader in Blu-ray Disc title production, Sonic Solutions is well positioned to help studios offer all the benefits of Dolby TrueHD to movie lovers worldwide,” said Brian Link, Vice President, Business Development, Dolby Laboratories. “Because Sonic Scenarist includes Dolby TrueHD editing tools, it enables studios to more quickly and easily deliver outstanding lossless audio for Blu-ray Disc titles.”

Sonic Scenarist provides a comprehensive, professional authoring solution for the next generation of optical media and the preparation of entertainment for electronic distribution via Roxio CinemaNow powered services.

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