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Sony DADC Launches eBridge Arc

Sony DADC announced its new eBridge Arc USB-based marketing tool.

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Unedited press release follows:

Sony DADC Launches ‘eBridge Arc’ Marketing Tool – The ‘Ultimate Consumer Journey’ Debuts at ad:tech NY

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2011 — Sony DADC has introduced a cutting edge addition to their suite of cross-channel marketing solutions, the eBridge Arc. The eBridge Arc has been designed to deliver the ‘ultimate consumer journey’ by creating captivating experiences that take consumers on an enhanced journey from print, to rich media, to the web and beyond. The eBridge Arc is being brought to market by Sony DADC in collaboration with Kyp, Inc., Consolidated Graphics, Inc. and Infinite Memory.

Available exclusively in the United States from Sony DADC, Kyp, and Consolidated Graphics this new format lets marketers deliver high-quality video, audio, applications, documents or files into the hands of their audiences and drive them seamlessly online to continue learning – personalizing the journey and tracking engagement at every step along the way.

Christian Dankl, Director of Business Development at Sony DADC said, “eBridge Arc is a tool for contemporary media consumption habits. Today’s audiences constantly switch between multiple media channels and marketers struggle to keep their attention on the path from awareness engagement to conversion.”

Sony DADC has partnered with engagement experts Kyp, Inc. to develop a variety of format options for the USB based technology, including direct mailers, publication inserts and on pack scenarios. This flexibility makes eBridge Arc suitable for a wide range of applications.

‘How it works’: having been engaged with the physical messaging, the audience can remove the eBridge Arc from the printed carrier and plug it into the USB port of any computer to begin their ‘journey’. The eBridge Arc automatically begins to provide its rich media content prompting the audience to engage and personalize the journey. As the audience interacts with the rich media, their navigation selections are captured to be viewed later on a custom dashboard via the built-in eBridge Analytics feature. Once the rich media portion is complete audiences are prompted to continue their journey by clicking a link that automatically launches their browser seamlessly connecting them to a personalized landing page, and to the on-line portion of the experience. Upon arriving at the selected site, audiences can continue an even deeper experience with the brand and the brands on-line assets. This all happens seamlessly while capturing and reporting personalization and behaviour data through eBridge Analytic software.

The patented memory technology is provided by Infinite Memory, a leading high volume supplier of secure reliable non-volatile memory technology that is tamper proof, non-rewritable and virus safe. It enables the eBridge Arc to provide secure, indelible flash memory allowing for the safe and seamless delivery of thousands of PDF pages, 100′s of books, and audio and video content.

Sony DADC has also partnered with Consolidated Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: CGX) to represent the eBridge Arc through its force of more than 600 sales representatives at their 70 printing companies across the United States, CGX will also provide strategic manufacturing support for the program. Using Sony DADC’s eBridge Analytics application, marketers can gauge eBridge Arc campaign performance in real- time from their desktop or mobile device. They can use it to see which content users engage with, where and when eBridge Arcs are used as well as define their own metrics.

The eBridge Arc makes its debut on November 9th and 10th at ad:tech NY, in the exhibition hall at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Come and experience the ‘ultimate consumer journey’ at Booth #1236 or log on to:

About eBridge from Sony DADC

Connecting Channels, Moving Consumers

eBridge offers a suite of solutions designed to connect media channels and move consumers closer to conversion.

Our technologies help entertainment and direct marketers drive engagement by turning physical media into measurable digital response channels. We are part of Sony DADC – a leading disc and digital solution provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class optical media replication services, digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services. The company’s network consists of service offices, optical media production, distribution and digital facilities in 19 countries worldwide. Our mission is to enable the most advanced go-to-market strategies for content owners and value chain partners by delivering world-class, secure and innovative supply-chain solutions for our customers to capitalize on media and entertainment opportunities around the world. For more information:

About Kyp
Kyp is a provider of engagement marketing solutions to leading brands and companies. Kyp’s solutions empower marketers to connect with audiences through intuitive learning experiences that begin in the physical world. Through an ever evolving portfolio of patented solutions and proprietary applications we guide audiences on personalized and progressive engagement journeys. Kyp’s client list includes leading brands such as Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Mercedes Benz, American Express, Shell and Microsoft. Launched in the UK in 2005 and the US in 2007, the company continues to expand its global footprint. Kyp has offices in London, New York, Toronto, and Sydney and operates in Germany, Turkey the Middle East and China.

About Infinite Memory
Infinite Memory was established in 2008, with the objective of assisting in the transition from the offline to virtual worlds. The company has developed proprietary non-volatile memory technology, QUAD NROM technology to OTP (One-Time-Programming) design, combined with advanced system solutions, for use in secure content distribution, data logging and archival applications. Its unprecedented 4 bits per cell architecture enables data retention up to 100 years, true field programmability and the lowest cost structure in the industry. With a unique DNA-like identifier, Infinite Memory’s platform provides the highest levels of data security, is tamper proof and virus free and can be programmed so that all data stored can never be modified, copied, or erased.

About CGX/Consolidated Graphics
Consolidated Graphics, Inc., headquartered in Houston, TX, is one of North America’s leading general commercial printing companies. With 70 printing businesses strategically located across 27 states, Toronto, and Prague, and a presence in Asia, CGX offers an unmatched geographic footprint, unsurpassed capabilities, and unparalleled levels of convenience, efficiency and service. With locations in or near virtually every major U.S. market, CGX provides the service and responsiveness of a local printer enhanced by the economic, geographic and technological advantages of a large national organization. Consolidated Graphics’ vast and technologically advanced sheet fed and web printing capabilities are complemented by the world’s largest integrated digital footprint. By coupling North America’s most comprehensive printing capabilities with strategically located fulfillment centers and industry-leading technology, CGX delivers end-to-end print production and management solutions that are based on the needs of our customers to improve their results. For more information, visit