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Sony DADC Marshals Forces After UK Fire

Sony DADC issued an updated statement concerning the fire at its UK Distribution Centre in Enfield on August 8, 2011.

According to the release, the fire is still smouldering and the London Fire Brigade remain at the scene. The levels of smoke continue to restrict access to the site thus no assessment of the damage has yet been carried out by surveyors. “We are working very closely with our customers and based on their release schedules, 1.5million discs are in the process of being remanufactured at both our manufacturing sites in the UK and Austria. In addition, we are extending our direct to retail distribution from our UK manufacturing site to reduce shipment delays – discs which are currently in our inventory have already been shipped today and the first of the remanufactured discs from the stock affected by the fire will be delivered tomorrow.”

“We are already studying a number of medium to long term solutions of alternative site options for business continuity and in this context we have received a number of offers of support from Sony affiliate companies, local distribution centres and other companies from within the industry.”

Contrary to some published reports that appeared today, the UK facility does not store blank optical discs (R/RW/RE). Rather, the centre deals in prerecorded media (ROM), which is used to distribute commercial movies, games and music. Consequently, supplies of recordable and rewritable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs should remain unaffected.

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