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Sony DADC Unveils LOOT Active Camera for PS3

Sony DADC Digital Services announced that its new LOOT Active Camera allows PlayStation 3 (PS3) users to record and upload content directly to YouTube.

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Unedited press release follows:

Sony DADC Gives PlayStation® Users Ability to Capture and Upload User Created Movies Direct to YouTube

LOOT™ Active Camera Offers New Social Experiences via PlayStation®Home and YouTube™ — Takes Machinima Creation to the Next Level

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2011 — User-created content can now be recorded and uploaded to both YouTube™ and the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system’s XrossMediaBar (XMB™) directly from PlayStation®Home with the new LOOT™ Active Camera. Developed by LOOT, Sony DADC’s Digital Services development team, the LOOT Active Camera features YouTube™ functionality and is available today in the LOOT store on PlayStation®Home, the social game platform available exclusively for PlayStation®Network on the PlayStation 3 system.

The introduction of the LOOT Active Camera opens the door to new realms of social video content experiences. In the past, people who wanted to capture video from video games and other virtual environments had to invest in separate PC capture and recording equipment. Now, this capability is seamlessly integrated into the PlayStation®Home experience with the LOOT Active Camera allowing users to save and upload videos coupled with controls for recording and editing provided through the XMB™ Video Editor & Uploader so users can share with friends on YouTube and across social networks.

Machinima creation using the PlayStation®Home platform has been a key focus for LOOT, which has been developing PlayStation®Home Machinima tools since it unveiled its first private spaces: The Living Room Stage Set 2, Ghostbuster’s™ Firehouse: On Location and the Modular Stage Set 3. “With more than 100 Machinima-related items already available in the LOOT store, the addition of the LOOT™ Active Camera will help Machinima artists take their productions to the next level and offer a fun new activity in PlayStation®Home to all our customers,” said David Sterling, vice president of business development at Sony DADC. “With the ability to now record and upload directly to YouTube or the PS3 XMB, it will be easier and less expensive than ever for people to realize their creative visions on the platform.”

Seamless integration with YouTube makes it easier than ever for virtual videographers to share their productions across the globe. With more than 3 billion daily views, YouTube is the world’s largest video distribution platform as well as a top-tier social network through which millions of people connect, inform, and inspire each other every day.

To see how the LOOT Active Camera works, visit and to view videos created by the PlayStation®Home community, visit and subscribe to LOOT’s YouTube Channel at

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