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Sony Digital Cinema Rolls Out High Frame Rate Upgrade

Sony announced a high frame rate and high bit rate software upgrade program for its Sony Digital Cinema 4K customers.

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Unedited press release follows:

Sony Digital Cinema Further Advances Image Quality With High Frame Rate and High Bit-Rate Software-Only Upgrade Program

Innovative Software Update Set to Bring Existing Sony Digital Cinema 4K Customers Smooth, High-Frame Rate 3D Projection As It Was Meant To Be Seen, Without the Complexity

LAS VEGAS, April 24, 2012 — CINEMACON 2012, Sony Digital Cinema today announced its High Frame Rate upgrade program, further demonstrating the company’s continuous commitment to deliver the highest image quality possible in digital entertainment. Through the upgrade, all existing Sony Digital Cinema 4K customers can realize unsurpassed 3D image quality via high frame rate playback without the need for complex hardware upgrades.(1) Sony’s unique parallel projection method displays both right and left eye images at the same time, allowing audiences to enjoy films as they were intended to be by mirroring the stereo right and left eye shooting process to deliver the best quality high frame rate projection possible. The upgrade will be available in autumn as a software update at a list price of USD $3,000 per complete projector/server system, further extending the life of Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology and ensuring exhibitors are ready to support high frame rate content.

“With the High Frame Rate upgrade for our existing Sony Digital Cinema 4K customers the best just got better,” said Gary Johns, senior vice president, Digital Cinema Solutions, Sony Electronics. “Today our image quality and viewing experience in 3D remains unmatched, and with this innovative software update we’re providing a straightforward way for customers to realize even better picture quality, extending the investments they’ve already made while readying them to take advantage of the next phase in super smooth 3D viewing.”

The High Frame Rate upgrade expands exhibitors’ range of projection options beyond the DCI standard of 24 frames per second (fps) to 48 and 60 fps for 2D 2K and 3D 2K content. In addition to higher frame rates, the upgrade will also increase maximum bit-rates from 250 Mbps to 500 Mbps(2) allowing for a much higher quality images, particularly during fast-motion shots.

For more information visit the Sony Digital Cinema website, or see us in person at CinemaCon 2012 at the Sony Digital Cinema booth, #2711 in the Augustus Ballroom, Emperor’s level in Caesars Palace.

(1) The projector needs to be upgraded to the firmware version which is supported by the PS system version 2.50.0.
(2) Maximum bit-rates support 500Mbps : 2K3D48P/ 2K2D60P/ 2K3D60P

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