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Sony Getting Closer to Breakeven With Latest PS3

iSuppli Corp. announced that Sony Corp. has be able to reduce its PlayStation 3 (PS3) hardware and manufacturing costs to near the breakeven point.

According to the statement, iSupply’s Teardown Analysis Service estimates that the 120 GB version of the PS3 carries a combined Bill of Materials (BOM) and manufacturing/test cost of $336.27. Currently retailing for $299, this latest PS3 comes closer to breaking even than any previous version. Given that the teardown analysis does not take into consideration software, packaging, patent royalties and other factors, the unit’s true cost is somewhat higher. iSupply expects that ongoing reductions in component pricing will cause the materials cost to decline significantly in 2010 and that the PS3 is now close to the point of profitability.

PS3 teardown

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