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SRS TruVolume Preferred Over Dolby Volume

SRS Labs, Inc. announced today that SRS TruVolume was favored over Dolby Volume by consumers during an independent blind product solution comparison study conducted at the University of Miami.

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SRS TruVolume Overwhelmingly Preferred During Volume Leveling Research Study

University of Miami Consumer Study Concluded that SRS TruVolume is Vastly More Effective Than Dolby Volume in Terms of Eliminating TV Volume Fluctuations

SANTA ANA, Calif., June 17 — SRS Labs, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRSL), the industry leader in surround sound, audio, and voice technologies, announced today that SRS TruVolume™ has once again been indisputably favored over Dolby® Volume by consumers during an independent blind product solution comparison study conducted at the University of Miami.

“Now, with a new consumer study independently crowning SRS TruVolume as the most effective volume solution on the market, the conclusion is obvious: if you’re weary of loud and annoying TV volume spikes, TruVolume is your one and only choice,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing at SRS Labs. “The University of Miami consistently produces reputable studies about a wide range of topics, and these latest findings confirm why SRS TruVolume is the ultimate and most popular volume leveling solution on the market.”

Key consumer findings indicated that:

* 100-percent of consumers are aware of TV volume fluctuations

* 88-percent of consumers are annoyed by TV volume fluctuations

* 98-percent of consumers feel that SRS TruVolume equipped HDTVs eliminated program to commercial volume spikes more effectively than HDTVs featuring Dolby Volume

* 90-percent of consumers feel SRS TruVolume provided more consistent volume while channel surfing over Dolby Volume

* 83-percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a new HDTV with a volume leveling solution built-in than without

To ensure a fair and merit-based performance comparison, the University of Miami used off-the-shelf HDTVs that were acquired through retail stores. One model featured SRS TruVolume while the other model featured Dolby Volume. Each HDTV model was fed identical multimedia content via an HDMI splitter, and respondents were asked to blindly consider which volume leveling solution was the most effective.

Further supporting these study findings, market research firm, MarketTools®, recently conducted a survey, which found that nine out of 10 TV viewers in North America had noticed volume fluctuations while watching television, and 89-percent of them indicated that they find volume fluctuations annoying.

TruVolume allows users to enjoy television programming, music, DVD and Blu-ray content free from annoying volume fluctuations that are normally encountered when switching between sources, channels, and when programming transitions to commercials. SRS TruVolume is a revolutionary audio solution that provides listeners with a consistently comfortable volume level for a more enjoyable multimedia experience. Listeners simply set the volume to their preferred listening level, sit back and relax.

About SRS Labs, Inc.
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