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STMicroelectronics STB Chips Support New Security Technologies

STMicroelectronics announced that it is sampling Set-Top Box (STB) decoder chips that support the latest security and content protection technologies, including the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 descrambler system.

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STMicroelectronics Announces Support for New Security Technologies in Latest Generation Set-Top Box Chips

STi7108 is first high-definition set-top-box decoder from ST to offer support for next-generation NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 security features

GENEVA, Jan. 19, 2011 — STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a leading supplier of set-top-box (STB) ICs, has announced it is the first to sample STB decoder chips providing support for next-generation security and content protection technologies that include the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 descrambler system.

The first ST device to implement these technologies is the ST’s STi7108 decoder IC, which delivers enhanced user experiences and allows consumers to experience broadcast, Internet or personal content on the TV, intuitively and at any time. The STi7108 joins ST’s successful STi710x video decoders, and also provides features to support 3D graphics user controls, 3D TV, content protection, and rich connections to external devices.

The NDS Security Kernel is the latest generation of embedded security solutions from NDS designed to protect media content and operator services with future-proof technology to address changing market needs. The security kernel, an element of the NDS VideoGuard content protection solution, features the increased levels of security required to enable new digital media marketplaces with solutions such as Control Word Protection and the ability to enable DRM technologies.

In addition to the NDS Security Kernel, the STi7108 will also provide support for DVB-CSA3, which is the latest generation of broadcast descrambler specifications licensed by ETSI. This new specification is designed to replace DVB-CSA2 and provide protection against the next generation of attacks against descramblers that are likely to become viable in a few years time.

“To maintain the level of market-leading security that we pride ourselves on providing to our customers you have to consider the end-to-end solution, and for us an integral part of that solution is integrated on the chipset,” said Martin Kaufmann, Vice President, Consumer Device Platforms, NDS. “The integration of the NDS Security Kernel on ST chipsets ensures that our customers are able to introduce the best possible solution for their platform with industry leading partners such as ST.”

“ST is one of the first to offer set-top-box chips implementing the next-generation NDS Security Kernel , enabling the delivery of high-value media content and services and complementing the features of best-in-class user experience for consumer equipment based on the STi7108,” said Eric Jumelet, Group Vice President for Business Management, Home Video Division, STMicroelectronics. “STi7108 has already been introduced and is the first in ST’s third generation of high-definition chips that provide the end user with a really exciting 3D HDTV user experience, thanks to its unprecedented CPU performance allowing smooth web experience, while delivering market-leading energy efficiency due to its low power configurable architecture, and low power manufacturing process.”

Volume production of the STi7108 with the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 is scheduled to start early in 2011.

Further Technical Information on the STi7108
The STi7108 has dual CPU host processors linked to a 256K L2 cache providing up to 3000 DMIPS performance

A 3D graphics engine enables a new class of user interfaces, supports innovations such as 3D Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and enables advanced Internet content and high-performance gaming on the STB. It is the first set-top box IC in the market to combine 3D graphics, Ethernet, USB and e-SATA interfaces to connect Internet devices, DVR storage or external Flash or hard-disk (HDD) drives.

The STi7108 utilizes the ARM® Mali-400™ graphics processor to deliver a powerful 3D experience up to high-definition resolution.

The STi7108 is able to decode video in industry-standard formats, including H.264, MVC, MPEG2, VC-1 or WMV9 Internet video, and MPEG4 part 2, up to high-definition resolutions 1080p 50/60 simultaneously with 1080i/720p picture-in-picture or mosaic formats. The device has flexible memory-interface options offering dual 32/16-bit LMI DDR2/ DDR3 at 1066MHz.

The device provides inputs for up to six transport streams, and provides full-resolution HD 3DTV over HDMI 1.4 with HDCP copy protection. Support for content sharing, according to the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) specification, will also allow use in next-generation HD media players and OTT (Over The Top) set-top boxes.

Together with other integrated processors, including an audio processing subsystem and 2D-graphics handling, the STi7108 allows a significant leap in performance over products currently in mass production, thereby providing increased scope for STB designers to create multimedia value-added features and services to differentiate their products in the marketplace.

About NDS
NDS Group Ltd. creates the technologies and applications that enable pay-TV operators to securely deliver digital content to TV STBs (set-top boxes), DVRs (digital video recorders), PCs, mobiles and other multimedia devices. Over 75 of the world’s leading pay-TV platforms rely on NDS solutions to protect and enhance their businesses. VideoGuard® is the world’s market-leading conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) technology, currently deployed on 138 million active devices, and safeguarding pay-TV service revenues exceeding $40 billion. NDS middleware, including MediaHighway® which enables a host of advanced services for subscribers, has been deployed on 163 million devices. NDS DVR technology, centred around XTV™, leads the global industry with 33 million units deployed. (Deployment figures as of 30th September 2010).

Headquartered in the UK, NDS remains committed to investing in R&D with over 75% of its employees dedicated to pioneering work at development centres in China, Denmark, France, India, Israel, Korea, UK and US. NDS has also implemented a host of initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and helping digital TV subscribers reduce energy consumption.

NDS Group Ltd. is a private company owned by the Permira Funds and News Corporation. See for more information.

About STMicroelectronics
STMicroelectronics is a global leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions. ST aims to be the undisputed leader in multimedia convergence and power applications leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength. In 2009, the Company’s net revenues were $8.51 billion.