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Styron Improves Optical Disc Polycarbonate Resin

Styron LLC today announced the availability of its CALIBRE 1060 DVD polycarbonate resin in the Americas and Europe.

According to the statement, CALIBRE 1060 DVD resin offers the quality and processing characteristics of CALIBRE 1080 DVD resin with improved ductility and toughness. CALIBRE 1060 DVD resin can be used for all optical disc applications including CD, DVD and Blu–ray Disc (BD).

CALIBRE 1060 DVD resin represents a balance of the performance properties required for today’s optical media market. The consistent, high–flow properties allow for fast, reproducible cycle times and excellent pit replication, resulting in high yields for disc replicators even for the most demanding Blu–ray Disc format. The improved toughness ensures the discs will be better protected from breakage and the result is a durable disc with crystal clear sound and video reproduction.

“Styron is excited to continue to offer our customers innovative product options that meet our customers’ ever–changing needs,” said Federico Montaner, Global New Business Development Leader and Product Director, Americas. “The 1060 DVD polycarbonate resin is now available globally and provides our optical media customers with stronger materials, while allowing them to maintain quality and processing speed.”

Key characteristics of CALIBRE 1060 DVD Polycarbonate Resin include:

• Consistent, high flow properties – MFR 58 (300 C/ 1.2 Kg)
• Excellent mold release performance
• Excellent pit reproducibility
• Low birefringence over the entire play length
• Excellent toughness / break strength for demanding disc applications

Effective August 2010, the Styron’s current CALIBRE 1080 DVD resin will be discontinued in the Americas. In Europe CALIBRE 1080 DVD has already been discontinued.

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