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SunLyte Releases Recycled Plastic Double DVD Tray

SunLyte Packaging announced that it has extended its SunLyte Tray line to offer a new cost-effective, eco-friendly double DVD disc tray.

According to the statement, the SunLyte Double DVD Tray is designed to cut down on the amount of materials used in packaging multiple DVDs. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (RPET), attained from recycled beverage bottles, the tray uses 85% less plastic than standard Double DVD Amaray style box. This reduction in materials results in a green media package that is 66% lighter and generates substantial shipping savings.

The competitively-priced tray offers unparalleled optical clarity, clearly showcasing underlying graphics and messages. The tray is more durable that its rigid standard DVD counterpart and greatly reduces breakage in transit.

“SunLyte Packaging was founded on the ideals of inventing and manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging solutions through product design and materials,” said Paul Gelardi, SunLyte Packaging’s CEO and Founder. “SunLyte is pleased to offer affordable options for customers who want to reduce costs, energy, materials and waste.”

Made from 100% recycled RPET, SunLyte Trays reduce freight costs, material costs and waste, and are completely renewable, recyclable and sustainable. SunLyte Trays are available in CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats, with certified chain of custody and custom design solutions available. The SunLyte Tray adheres to sustainability guidelines of Wal-Mart, the Recording Association of America and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

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