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Fox, Panasonic and Samsung Hype HDR10+

20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung announced their intention to create an open, royalty-free dynamic metadata platform for High Dynamic Range (HDR) called HDR10+.

DCI Ponders Higher Frame Rates

Digital Cinema Initiatives announced that it is currently pondering the development of voluntary guidelines or specifications related to the distribution of motion pictures in stereoscopic 3D at frame rates above the current 24 frames per second per eye.

Deluxe Transfers 2K Uncompressed Across the Pond

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group announced that it has achieved an industry breakthrough with the first of its kind 2K real time uncompressed data file transfer from Los Angeles to London via Deluxe Express, Deluxe’s new private, secure global data service. According to the statement, Deluxe Express is exclusively connected to Deluxe’s 10Gig network backbone powered [...]

Netflix and Fox Sign Strategic Agreement

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. and Netflix, Inc. announced an expansion of their agreements encompassing both physical and digital distribution of Fox movies and television programs.

Hollywood and Cable Launch $30 Million Movies on Demand Campaign

Several major Hollywood studios and cable companies announced that they have joined forces for a significant push to expand consumer awareness of Movies On Demand, a service that provides a convenient and affordable way to rent top-grossing box office hits on cable.