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Technology Changing Movie Theatre Business

IHS announced its latest report discusses the affects that rapidly advancing digital cinema and audio technologies are having on the movie theatre business.

Texas Instruments Launches DLP Cinema S2K Chipset

Texas Instruments announced its new S2K chipset, which is optimized for theatre screens up to 20 feet (six meters) wide for 2D presentations.

TI Touts DLP Cinema Success

Texas Instruments announced that more than 50,000 movie theatre screens across the globe feature projectors that employ DLP Cinema technology.

DLP Cinema Rising

Texas Instruments announced that that its DLP OEM licensees, Barco, Christie, and NEC, installed more digital cinema projectors in every region of the world in the last 12 months than in the last 12 years.

Barco Launches 4K Digital Cinema Projectors

Barco announced the commercial launch of its new range of 4K digital cinema projectors.

Barco Unveils 3D DLP Projector

Barco announced its new HDX-W14 three-chip Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D projector, which is marketed for use in mid-sized event venues.

TI Ships DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K Chips

Texas Instruments announced that it has started shipping DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K chips to its licensees, Barco, Christie Digital and NEC. According to the statement, projectors with the DLP Cinema 4K chip are expected to be installed in Q1 2011 and several industry demos are anticipated between now and then by DLP Cinema licensees.