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Archive of posts tagged Blu-ray Double-Sided Disc (BD-DSD)

Updates to The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ

The latest updates, changes and additions to The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ:

Verbatim/MKM to Market Archival Blu-ray and DVD M-DISC

Millenniata announced that Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), will market, as well as jointly develop, M-DISC-branded archival Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Specs Approved for 200GB Double-Sided Blu-ray Discs

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced that it has updated its BDXL format specifications to include a double-sided recordable version that stores up to 200GB per disc.