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Archive of posts tagged CD-ROM

JVC Sells CD/DVD Replication Business to Cinram

JVC KENWOOD Corporation announced that it has sold its U.S. optical disc (CD/DVD) replication, packaging and fulfillment business to Cinram Group for an undisclosed price.

CD-E: Call It Erasable, Call It Rewritable, But Will It Fly?

This article was the first serious public look at the technical aspects of and market potential for CD-ReWritable (CD-RW). Known during its development as CD-Erasable (CD-E), CD-RW is an interesting chapter in the history of optical storage and, fanciful expectations of its promoters aside, continues to endure, long outliving most of its contemporaries.

Pioneer Launches BDR-209JBK and BDR-XD05J Blu-ray Recorders

Pioneer Japan announced its new BDR-209JBK 5.25″ internal half-height and BDR-XD05J external portable Blu-ray BDXL recorders.

Samsung Unveils SE-B18AB Portable DVD Writer

Samsung Electronics announced its new SE-B18AB portable DVD writer, which features a slot-loading mechanism and slim design.

MF Digital Rolls Out RipStation 7600 DataGrabber

MF Digital announced its new RipStation 7600 series of CD, DVD and Blu-ray data disc rippers, suitable for archival, medical, financial and legal applications.

Singulus Posts First Quarter Loss

Singulus Technologies announced financial results for the first quarter of 2013.

Singulus Reports Preliminary 2012 Results

Singulus Technologies announced preliminary financial results for its full 2012 business year.

Technicolor Reports Q4 Results, Blu-ray Stays Strong

Technicolor SA announced financial and production results for its fourth quarter and full year 2012.

Parasound Unveils Holm-Designed CD Player

Parasound Products announced its new high-end Halo CD 1 Compact Disc (CD) player, which it designed with the aid of Holm Acoustics.

Samsung Unveils SE-218CB Ultrabook DVD Writer

Samsung Electronics announced its new SE-218CB ultra-slim portable DVD writer, which is targeted at the Ultrabook market.

Transcend Launches Slim 8x DVD Writer

Transcend Information announced its new slim portable 8x DVD writer ($59).

One-Red Rolls Out DVD and CD Patent Licenses

One-Red LLC announced it will offer new licenses for essential patents from LG, Philips, Pioneer and Sony that relate to DVD-Video and DVD-ROM as well as CD-Audio and CD-ROM technologies.

Pioneer Launches BDR-2207 Blu-ray BDXL Writer

Pioneer Electronics announced its new BDR-2207 5.25″ internal half-height Blu-ray BDXL recorder.

Technicolor Cranks Out 152 Million Blu-ray Discs in 2011

Technicolor SA announced financial and production results for its fourth quarter and full year 2011.

Sony DADC Consolidates Disc Production, Cuts 158 Jobs

Sony DADC announced that it is consolidating its optical disc manufacturing and packaging operations in Europe.