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Archive of posts tagged DVD-9

Full Speed Ahead for MOD DVDs

Sonic Solutions and Allied Vaughn announced that the companies’ Manufacturing-on-Demand (MOD) program has produced more than one million DVDs.

Microtech Licenses Qflix for On-Demand DVD

Sonic Solutions announced that Microtech Systems has licensed Sonic’s latest Qflix technology that supports DVD-9 (dual-layer) recording in addition to DVD-5 (single-layer), to integrate into Microtech’s Xpress XP automated disc publishing system.

Dual-Layer or Double Trouble?

After consumers have begun to make some sense out of writable DVD formats, along comes more confusion. Dual-layer recordable technology is promoted as a significant advance, but where does it fit in the real world?

DVD-9 to 5: The New Copying Reality

How hard is it to copy a DVD movie? Not as difficult or time-consuming as some make it out to be — and it’s getting easier and more convenient every day.

Calimetrics Teases Double Capacity DVD-9 Discs

Calimetrics, Inc. announced that it has demonstrated the commercial viability of its MultiLevel (ML) recording technology to double the capacity of DVD-ROM dual-layer discs.

Questioning DVD Duplication

Thanks to inexpensive media, advances in high speed writing, broad based compatibility and the continuing move to just-in-time delivery, CD-R and CD-R duplication have ignited a revolution in the world of CD manufacturing and are poised to bring about the elimination of low run CD replication. However, is it fair to assume that DVD will [...]