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CD-E: Call It Erasable, Call It Rewritable, But Will It Fly?

This article was the first serious public look at the technical aspects of and market potential for CD-ReWritable (CD-RW). Known during its development as CD-Erasable (CD-E), CD-RW is an interesting chapter in the history of optical storage and, fanciful expectations of its promoters aside, continues to endure, long outliving most of its contemporaries.

Kodak Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it and its U.S. subsidiaries have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

YesVideo Expands Online Affiliate Program

YesVideo announced that it has expanded its online affiliate program to include Target and Eastman Kodak.

Just Scratching the Surface: Writable Optical Disc Protection

Let’s face it — writable CDs and DVDs are tough but they can be damaged. Scratches, scrapes, fingerprints, dust, and just plain crud can play havoc with reading and, especially, with writing. Dealing with these everyday realities in ways that keep discs realistically priced and marketable remains a challenge for product designers. Just Scratching the [...]

In DVD’s Own Image: DVD-Recordable Technology and Promise

This article was the first serious public look at the technical aspects of and market potential for DVD-Recordable (DVD-R). Some thirteen years later, it’s gratifying to see that DVD-R became, and indeed still remains, a beloved and universal means for enjoying, distributing, storing and archiving just about everything digital.

Kodak Augments Conversion Services with YesVideo

YesVideo announced a relationship with Eastman Kodak to expand Kodak’s video and photo transfer services to consumers through the online Kodak store.

FDA Greenlights Kodak Laser Projection

Eastman Kodak announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a variance that allows Kodak Laser Projector Systems to be sold to cinema exhibitors without the need for individual sites or show operators to obtain their own variances.

Kodak Unveils 3D Movie Projection Technology

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it has developed new laser projection technology that delivers both 2D and bright 3D images and is in discussions with potential licensing partners for commercialization.

Joseph J. Wrobel Obituary

Some very sad news this morning. Joe Wrobel from Eastman Kodak has passed away. Many of us in the optical disc industry had the privilege of knowing Joe and he will be greatly missed.

Kodak Optical Disc Packaging Goes Green

KMG Digital announced that it is launching Kodak-branded optical discs housed in new packaging that removes over 98% of all plastic components from the consumer waste stream. According to the statement, to further expand on this green initiative, KMG Digital has also reduced the environmental footprint of its optical media packaging for Kodak-branded recordable CDs [...]

Kodak Licenses KMG Digital for Optical Media

KMG Digital announced that Eastman Kodak Company has designated KMG as the exclusive worldwide licensee for Kodak branded optical blank media products and accessories. According to the statement, under this agreement, KMG will market Kodak branded products including recordable optical blank CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and media accessories.

The Need For An Industrial Color CD-R Printer

Lately, it seems every time I go to an industry trade show I come away disappointed – not that I don’t find the event useful and not that I don’t enjoy chatting with the vendors – my problem is that another opportunity has gone by without someone introducing what I consider to be the next [...]

DVD-ROM and CD-R: The Compatibility Question Answered

As the first generation of DVD-ROM drives ushered in a brand-new day in high-density optical media storage, the same drives seemed to spell doom for die-hard CD-R users, who harbored a well-founded fear that they might have to abandon their investments in CD-R hardware and media and migrate to the new technology.

HyCD Supports Enhanced Kodak CD-R Disc Transporter

Eastman Kodak Company announced that its enhanced Disc Transporter is now supported by Creative Digital Research’s HyCD CD-R recording software.

Running OPC: The Best Thing for CD-R, but What About DVD?

It’s hard to deny how far CD recorders have come in just a few years, but there are still particular features that set superior machines apart from the rest. The most notable of these is Running Optimum Power Control (OPC).