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CD-R, Fit to Print: Printing Devices for CD-Recordable

There is little arguing that CD-R disc label printing has come a long way in terms of price and capability in a few years and the future promises more exciting developments.

Kodak Disc Transporter Supports Half-Height CD Recorders

Eastman Kodak Company announced an adapter kit that allows 5.25” half-height CD recorders to be used with the company’s Disc Transporter.

Sony Announces Twin Laser Optical Pickups for Reading DVD, CD-ROM, and CD-R

Sensing a strategic market opportunity, Sony Corporation has now announced that it will be introducing two separate optical pickups capable of reading DVD, CD-ROM, and CD-R discs.

Audio Development Employs Kodak PCD Writer 600 for CD Testing

Eastman Kodak Company announced that its PCD Writer 600 is now available as the 6X read/write measurement platform for Audio Development’s CD CATS quality control system.

Kodak Recognizes Young Minds for Integrating PCD Writer 600

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it is recognizing Young Minds, Inc. for integrating the company’s PCD Writer 600 with its CD recording systems.

DVD: A Problem Ignored

Now just a darned minute! Wasn’t the new high-density DVD/DVD-ROM specification supposed to be backwards compatible? Wasn’t it implied that DVD drives could play existing CD-Recordable discs?

Eastman Kodak Proposes New Hard Sector CD-DASD Format for Removable, Rewritable Storage

Developed by Kodak engineers in conjunction with Dennis Howe of the University of Arizona Optical Data Storage Center, the Compact Disc—Direct Access Storage Disc (CD-DASD) format is positioned by Kodak as the next logical and necessary step in the evolution of CD-Recordable and CD-Erasable (CD-E) technology. Eastman Kodak Proposes New Hard Sector CD-DASD Format for [...]

Hewlett-Packard SureStore CD-Writer 4020i: CD-R for the Mainstream Buyer?

While by no means the last word in CD-Recordable, Hewlett-Packard’s CD-Writer 4020i is none the less a significant step forward in the evolution of CD recorders from specialized tools to everyday peripherals.

Kodak’s PCD Writer 600 and Disc Transporter: Replication in Record Time

Much like the military remnants of the cold war, Kodak’s expensive PCD Writer 600 is trying to find an alternate role in a new world order — a recorder culture dominated by entry-level units. But comparing the PCD Writer 600 to any other CD recorder is like comparing the old Army Jeep to a Hummer, [...]

Kodak Rolls Out Inkjet Printable CD-R Discs

Eastman Kodak Company announced new 63 minute (550MB) and 74 minute (650MB) inkjet printable CD-R discs at Intermedia ’95.

Philips’ CDD522 Is Evolution, Not Revolution

Based on technology from the very popular and dependable CDD521 it replaces, Philips’ CDD522 ($3895) should be a sensible interim entry-level recorder until the next generation of double speed half-height mechanisms become available and demonstrate themselves as being stable.

Trace Updates disComposer CD Premastering Software

Trace Mountain Products announced that it is shipping a new version of its disComposer CD premastering software.

Trace Offers Kodak PCD Writer 200 CD Recorder

Trace Mountain Products announced that it is now selling Eastman Kodak’s PCD Writer 200 CD recorder.

Kodak Unveils Automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation 6600.

Kodak Rolls Out 6x Writable CD Production Station

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new CD Production Station, which features the company’s 6x-speed PCD Writer 600 CD recorder and Disc Transporter.