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Archive of posts tagged ECMA-379

JVC Launches Archival DVD-R Discs

JVC Advanced Media U.S.A. announced its new Archival Grade DVD-R discs, which were independently tested and certified to comply with the ISO/IEC 10995 standard for estimating the archiving lifetime of writable DVDs.

Primera Unveils Archive-Series Disc Publisher

Primera Technology announced its new Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publisher, which features an archival grade DVD recorder and compatible discs from JVC Advanced Media.

ECMA Publishes CD and DVD Lifetime Test Standard

ECMA International announced that it has published a new standard that specifies an accelerated aging test method for estimating the lifetime of the retrievability of information stored on recordable and rewritable CD (CD-R/RW) and DVD (DVD±R/RW/RAM) discs.

ECMA Updates Optical Media Archival Lifetime Standard

ECMA International announced that its 99th General Assembly, held in Tokyo, June 17, 2010, has approved updates to its ECMA-379 standard (3rd edition) for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media as well as ECMA-382 (2nd edition), which defines the physical parameters of DVD-R Dual-Layer (DL) discs.