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Archive of posts tagged Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

VIZIO to Pay $2.2 Million to FTC and State of New Jersey

The Federal Trade Commission announced that VIZIO has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle charges it installed software on its TVs to collect viewing data without consumers’ knowledge or consent.

FTC Surveys Entertainment Ratings Enforcement

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced the results of its latest undercover shopper survey of entertainment ratings enforcement by retailers and movie theaters.

Website Council to Enforce Video Game Age Restrictions

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) announced the establishment of the ESRB Website Council (EWC), under which participating websites agree to a common set of standards regarding the display of ESRB video game rating information and use of age-gates on video content intended for older viewers.

EnergyGuide Labels Coming to a TV Near You

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that televisions manufactured after May 10, 2011 must display EnergyGuide labels. Additionally, beginning July 11, 2011, websites that sell televisions must display an image of the full EnergyGuide label.

How to Avoid Making Misleading Environmental Claims

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that it is proposing revisions to the guidance it gives marketers to help them avoid making misleading environmental claims. The proposed revisions as well as a summary can be downloaded from the FTC’s website.