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Archive of posts tagged freeze-ray

RAIDIX to Integrate Panasonic freeze-ray Optical Disc Data Archive System

RAIDIX announced that it plans to support Panasonic’s freeze-ray optical disc data archiving system and offer a co-branded solution by the end of the year.

ASTI Enthusiastic About Optical Storage Technology

Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) announced that it is enthusiastic about the future for optical storage and archiving.

Panasonic Boosts freeze-ray Data Archiver with 300GB Optical Discs

Panasonic Corporation announced that its next generation freeze-ray data archive system will employ 300GB optical discs.

Sony Unveils Everspan Optical Disc Data Archive System

Sony Optical Archive Inc. announced its new Everspan scalable optical disc data storage library system.

Panasonic and Facebook Develop freeze-ray Optical Disc Data Archive System

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed freeze-ray, an optical disc-based data archive system in collaboration with Facebook.