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Sonopress Tops Seven Billion Optical Discs

Sonopress announced, over the past twenty years, it has produced more than seven billion prerecorded optical discs at its replication plant in Gütersloh, Germany.

Pax Optical

Some suggest the conflict between Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD can be resolved by simply offering devices compatible with both formats. I’m not so sure. It’s easy to paint a rosy picture of peaceful coexistence, but compromise comes at a price. Pax Optical Hugh Bennett EMedialive, Apr 3, 2007 “I came not to bring [...]

Socrates, Pascal, and Multilayer Blu-ray Discs

Socrates tells us that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. The same can be said for business. With scores of product launches and decades of market experience behind it, the optical storage industry has had ample opportunity for introspection. But, sadly, I see little evidence that past experience has entered the minds of manufacturers who, [...]

Recordable & Rewritable Blu-ray Disc: How Far, How Fast?

As Blu-ray Disc’s (BD) entrance draws near, I’m increasingly asked about its writable formats. How long will it take to record a BD disc? How much will its writing speeds increase in the future? How quickly will it get there? And, frankly, is there a way for the industry to avoid past problems and intelligently [...]

Just Scratching the Surface: Writable Optical Disc Protection

Let’s face it — writable CDs and DVDs are tough but they can be damaged. Scratches, scrapes, fingerprints, dust, and just plain crud can play havoc with reading and, especially, with writing. Dealing with these everyday realities in ways that keep discs realistically priced and marketable remains a challenge for product designers. Just Scratching the [...]

Enter the Backulator

Question: What do you get when you cross a data backup system with an automated optical disc duplicator? Answer: A “backulator!”

Blu-ray Sales Shine in 2010

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) released its year-end 2010 home entertainment report at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

Dolby Developing Implementation Licensing Program in China

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced plans to develop an implementation licensing program in China and that the company is working with Nationalchip to offer chip designs that support Dolby Digital Plus.

Lawyers Pursue Evidence in Optical Disc Drive Lawsuit

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP announced that it continues to pursue evidence in a nationwide class action lawsuit accusing large manufacturers of optical disc drives used in CD, DVD and Blu-ray players of price fixing. According to the statement, the civil suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in California (April 6, 2010, docket [...]

Eyeframe Expands with PPC DVD

Eyeframe announced that PPC DVD will merge into Eyeframe with immediate effect in a move that sees Picture Production Company (PPC) concentrate on its core business activities.

StarBurn Announces Spin-off and Investment Funding

StarBurn Software Ltd. announced its spin-off from Rocket Division Ltd. after securing its first round of investor funding.

First 3X DVD-ROM Disc Produced with DCA Equipment

Doug Carson & Associates announced that the first 3X DVD-ROM disc was successfully mastered and replicated using its formatting software at Sonopress’ North Carolina facility.

The Truth About Total Hi Def Disc (THD)

At a flashy press conference a month ago to promote its new Total Hi Def Disc, Warner Home Video invoked the heroic image of Superman rescuing a crashing airliner. Expected later this year, Total Hi Def disc (THD) will combine HD DVD on one side and Blu-ray Disc (BD) on the other side, thus delivering [...]

Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD: Regional Differences

Few efforts in the history of DVD have been as controversial or proven as futile as Regional Playback Control (RPC). Justified as necessary protection in a free-for-all world, condemned as yet another shackle of capitalist oppression and circumvented at every turn, RPC is now the latest problem for next generation Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD [...]

UDO-DMD Promoted to Distribute and Storage HD DVD Content

MKM/Verbatim, Memory Tech Corporation and Plasmon announced a technology and business alliance to manufacture and promote Ultra Density Optical – Digital Master Disk (UDO-DMD).