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Sony and IBM Advance Limits of Magnetic Tape Storage Capacity

Sony Corporation announced it, in concert with IBM Research, has developed a magnetic tape storage technology with a recording areal density of 201 Gb/in2.

ASTI Promotes Magneto Optical Library Alternatives

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) announced it offers several upgrade options for organizations that still employ Magneto Optical (MO) storage libraries.

IBM Selects FUJIFILM for Advanced Data Cartridge

FUJIFILM Recording Media announced that it will manufacture the data cartridge for IBM’s new TS1150 enterprise tape drive.

FUJIFILM and IBM Hype 154TB Magnetic Tape Storage

FUJIFILM Recording Media and IBM announced that the companies are fiddling with magnetic storage tape technology that makes it possible to record more than 154TB of data on a single LTO-sized cartridge.

Sony Teases 185TB Magnetic Tape Storage

Sony Corporation announced that it is developing magnetic storage tape technology that makes it possible to record more than 185TB of data on a single cartridge.

CD-E: Call It Erasable, Call It Rewritable, But Will It Fly?

This article was the first serious public look at the technical aspects of and market potential for CD-ReWritable (CD-RW). Known during its development as CD-Erasable (CD-E), CD-RW is an interesting chapter in the history of optical storage and, fanciful expectations of its promoters aside, continues to endure, long outliving most of its contemporaries.

External Disk Storage Systems Factory Revenue Drops

International Data Corporation (IDC) announced it reckons that worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues declined 3.5% (YoY) during the third quarter of 2013.

LTO Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM and Quantum announced that the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium format continues to enjoy success, twelve years after its introduction.

ASTI Upgrades IBM 3995 Magneto Optical Libraries

Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) announced a new program to upgrade end-of-service IBM 3995 Magneto Optical (MO) data libraries.

Pent-up Demand for Solid-State Storage

IBM announced the findings of a customer survey that suggests there is pent-up demand for solid-state disk technology as a successor to flash and hard disk drives.

Big Blue Stores Big Data

IBM announced its latest automated tape library system, which is capable of storing over 2.7 exabytes of data.

BDT Licenses RDX Technology from ProStor

ProStor Systems announced that BDT AG has become the latest licensee of ProStor’s RDX Core technology. According to the statement BDT is a major supplier of tape automation systems to OEMs who resell them under their own brands since 1988. Under the license, BDT will develop and market multi-terabyte data protection systems based on the [...]

Comcast Delivers the Masters Tournament in 3D

Comcast Corporation announced that it will partner with Augusta National Golf Club to deliver the 2010 Masters Tournament in next-generation 3D across multiple platforms.

More than 3.3 Million LTO Ultrium Tape Drives Shipped

Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM Corporation and Quantum announced that the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium format continues to maintain high user acceptance rates.

Fujifilm Begins LTO Ultrium 5 Tape Production

Fujifilm Recording Media U.S.A., Inc., a division of Fujifilm Corporation, announced it will be one of the first manufacturers in the world to be certified by the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) as successfully completing compliance testing. Fujifilm plans to immediately begin mass production of LTO Ultrium Generation 5 data cartridges. According to [...]