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Panasonic and Ubisoft Team Up on 3D Gaming

Panasonic and Ubisoft announced that they will collaborate to develop new 3D games and related television applications via Panasonic’s IPTV platform, beginning with Shaun White Skateboarding for holiday 2010.

XpanD Teams With Fashion Designers

XpanD announced that it is showcasing a line of designer 3D glasses as part of its “Runway 3D” event at Kino International in Berlin. According to the statement, live runway models will show off chic, cutting-edge glasses, designed by artists Larisa Katz and Tinus D.

Sisvel Demos 3D Tile Format Live

Sisvel Technology announced that at IFA 2010 it demonstrated its 3D Tile Format live in its entirety – from production and broadcasting through to distribution. According to the statement, Sisvel’s 3D Tile Format enables delivery of HD 3D content with a higher quality than current solutions (Side by Side or Top and Bottom) and allows [...]

Panasonic Launches High-Speed SDHC UHS-I Memory Cards

Panasonic Europe announced its newest 8GB and 16GB SDHC UHS-I Memory Cards, the RP-SDY08G and RP-SDY16G. According to the statement, UHS-I is the new standard for higher-speed Bus interface defined by the SD Association as part of the SD Memory Card Specification Ver.3.01, which provides up to 104MB/s performance. Both memory cards have maximum data [...]

Sharp Launches BD-HP90S Slim Blu-ray 3D Player

Sharp Europe announced its new BD-HP90S Blu-ray 3D player at IFA 2010 in Berlin. According to the statement, the BD-HP90S features Blu-ray 3D disc viewing, an extra-slim design (430 x 36 x 218 mm), built-in wireless LAN connection and the ability to play YouTube videos directly (after software update).

Philips Launches BDP9600 and BDP8000 Blu-ray 3D Players

Royal Philips Electronics announced that is introducing several new Blu-ray 3D players at IFA in Berlin. According to the statement, these include the flagship BDP9600 and slot-loading BDP8000, which join the BDP7500MkII launched earlier this year.

Philips Unveils 21:9 Cinema Proportion 3D HDTV

Royal Philips Electronics announced its new 3D Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series HDTV. According to the statement, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series (EUR 3999) boasts a 58″ screen shaped in a 21:9 aspect ratio, so movies in 2.39:1 format completely fill the screen. It will be available in Europe and Brazil in September with other countries [...]

Philips Rolls Out Fresh 3D Offerings

Royal Philips Electronics announced a range of 3D consumer electronics products at IFA in Berlin, including new Full HD 3D LED televisions, home theatre systems and Blu-ray Disc (BD) players. According to the statement, this includes Philips’ Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series TV, BDP8000 and BDP9600 3D Blu-ray players as well as Philips Immersive Sound HD [...]

Samsung Launches 3D Assault at IFA

Samsung Electronics announced that it is unveiling an expanded 3D product line-up for the European market at IFA 2010. According to the statement, Samsung is rolling out a new 65-inch Full HD 3D LED TV (UN65C8000), two new 3D Plasma HDTVs (PS50C680, PS50C490), a new Blu-ray 3D home theater system (HT-C9950W), a new 3D home [...]

Yamaha Launches DivX Plus HD Certified Blu-ray Players

DivX, Inc. and Yamaha announced at the IFA trade show the worldwide launch of Yamaha DivX Plus HD Certified Blu-ray players.

Singulus Benefits from Growing Blu-ray Market

Singulus Technologies AG announced that it is well positioned to address the growing demand for replication lines as the international market for Blu-ray Disc (BD) continues to expand. According to the statement, practically all major Blu-ray producers worldwide, except Sony, employ Singulus’ BLULINE production equipment.

Zoran Demos 3D, IPTV and Blu-ray Technologies

Zoran Corporation announced that it is demonstrating its latest 3D, Internet Connected DTV and Blu-ray Disc (BD) platforms for global consumer electronics manufacturers at IFA 2010 in Berlin from Sept. 3 to 8, 2010.

Trident Demos Integrated 2D-to-3D Conversion Chipset

Trident Microsystems, Inc. announced that it will demonstrate its integrated 2D-to-3D conversion chipset at the IFA show this week in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung Flaunts 3D Wares at IFA

Samsung Electronics announced that it will show off a slate of 3D products at the IFA trade show being held in Berlin, Germany from September 3-8, 2010. According to the statement, this includes full HD 3D LED HDTVs as well as a 3D video projector, Blu-ray 3D player and 3D home theatre system.

LG Launches LEX8 Nano Full LED TV

LG Electronics announced that it will unveil its LEX8 full LED TV with Nano Lighting Technology at the 2010 IFA trade show in Berlin.